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3D animation studios in the USA help Architects optimize their work so they can achieve more while maintaining a work-life balance. This is great news for architectural design professionals who have a tight and highly demanding work schedule. As Forbes informs, the profession of Architect is on the top 10 list of the most stressful jobs! 

Which is no surprise. It’s the Architects who have to keep hundreds of things in mind, dealing with many tasks at once. These include designing residential and commercial properties, communicating with contractors and investors, preparing presentations, competing with other professionals at biddings, and more. It’s no piece of cake to be productive under such a workload. 

No matter how hard Architects try, they cannot always find time for working on many projects and exploring innovations in architecture in parallel. Not to mention going on vacations, spending time with family, and getting enough sleep.

Cooperation with 3D animations studios in the USA can help with that. 3D architectural services can ease many challenges of Architects’ job to help them be productive and save time for themselves. So, let’s find out how exactly 3D video helps reach new professional heights in architecture.

#1. 3D Animation Studios Help to Prepare Architectural Presentation

Preparing an architecture presentation can take days or even weeks. If the creators of a project decide to do all the work on their own, they should be ready to spend hours drawing sketches or gluing together small details of a complicated physical model. The process is especially long if the model includes an exterior lighting system and surroundings. And if there is not much time left to the day of presentation, the Architects will have to forget about working on other projects or doing homework with their kids. They will have no choice but to put all the time and effort into the preparation of the architectural model. 

3D animation studios in the USA can help avoid this hard meticulous work but still get outstanding presentation materials. For this, the author of architectural design should just prepare a brief consisting of drawings and references and send it to one of the professional 3D studios. Then all the work will be done by a team of skilled 3D Animation Artists. They will create a detailed 3D architectural presentation, while the Architect will have time to manage other important tasks.

#2. 3D Movie Explains the Architectural Project Quickly

If Architects do not have illustrative visuals, they will face difficult times when explaining the project to clients. Blueprints and long speeches with construction terms don’t work so well if the audience does not have an architectural background. So, the author of the project and clients can spend ages in discussions over the drawings but still find no mutual understanding. The thing is that blueprints and words can’t help clients envision future architectural design. So, they ask the author for more explanations, delaying the final decision. 

But with the services of 3D animation studios in the USA, architectural design specialist can forget this problem once and for all. When the viewers see a photoreal 3D walkthrough, showcasing the ready built-house in context, they will understand the design better than with a thousand words. Actually, the design will come to life in front of their eyes! So, no more time will be wasted on fruitless discussions and guesswork. As the clients instantly see how the building will look in the future, they will be likely to approve the design without delays. So, the work will not get stuck on the approval stage, and will quickly proceed further.

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#3. 3D Animation Studios in the USA Help Shorten Discussions on Price

It happens that the Architect creates a mind-blowing design but the developers reject it. They insist on solutions that are simpler and less costly. For instance, the author of the design chose an exclusive and rarely used material for the building’s roof. They knew for sure that this very choice will work the best for this project, as it provided a gorgeous look as well as high durability of the roof structure. But the developers hesitate about using this material because it is more expensive than other options and they have no experience with it. 

To dispel the developer’s doubts, the author of the project needs something more than words. And here is where services of 3D animation studios in the USA come in. With photoreal 3D animation, the developers will instantly see all the advantages of the Architect’s choice. They will understand that this material ensures a more striking visual appeal than any simpler alternative. Which will definitely suit high reputation of the construction company. So, with the help of 3D animations provided by CGI studios the developers accept the right solutions without long and stressful discussions.

#4. 3D Animation Studios Make Online Presentations as Effective as Offline

With the services of 3D animation studios in the USA, holding personal meetings with clients became less critical. That is because 3D video can make online presentations as convincing as offline ones. 

Earlier, an online meeting could be difficult to organize and conduct effectively. The clients who cannot read drawings still don’t understand them during a video Skype call. But in this case, everything can get even worse because of interference. In such cases, online presentation becomes a waste of time for both sides. 

So does this mean that Architects always need to organize personal meetings to present designs? Even if the client is not in the USA but somewhere on another continent? With a photoreal architecture animation video showing the future result of construction, there is no need to do so. The architectural design professional can just send a link to the video to the clients so that they can see the house in photoreal quality. No more long explanations required, so both the author of design and clients can save time. And proceed right to the discussion of project implementation.

#5. 3D Animation Studios Helps Get Construction Permits in the USA

Architects in the USA are often hired by property owners specifically to get construction permits. For instance, to start a construction or repair of any building exceeding 4,000 sq. ft and/or 20 ft or more in height in Oregon state, an owner must submit construction documents prepared by a professional to the local building department. Then the owner has to wait until officials consider and approve these documents. And this process can take a while, delaying the start of construction works. Especially if the officials ask for additional clarifications.

This process can become much quicker if the pack of submitted materials includes a photoreal 3D animation of a building made by one of the professional CGI studios. 3D animated video with aerial views can help the officials to envision future construction, to see if it meets all the local requirements and fits surrounding. As the regulators easily understand all these points from a 3D demonstration, they are likely to issue the construction permits faster. So, the Architect will not have to spend more time explaining the project to the department and will be able to concentrate on other important things. Such as preparations for construction bidding.

#6. 3D Demonstration Makes Winning Bids in the USA Easier

It’s not easy to win a construction bid in the USA when there are many candidates competing. Bidders might do their best and spend long nights over drawings, preparing the most outstanding offers for a tender. But it often happens that their brilliant work doesn’t get enough attention from the stakeholders. The thing is that the latter receives many tender documentation packs from competitors from all over the USA or even from abroad. And they all consist of similarly looking blueprints and estimates. So, to capture and hold the stakeholder’s attention, a bid has to stand out from other offers.

3D animation studios in the USA can help achieve that. A detailed photoreal 3D video showcasing the design in full detail just cannot go unnoticed by the stakeholder’s eye. As a result, the project will receive the attention it deserves. Looking at 3D demonstration, the stakeholder will see and remember all the advantages of the design much clearer than with a schematic drawing. In such a way, the bid will stand out among competing proposals and will get higher chances for victory. So, with 3D animation, a bidder will have more awesome projects brought to life. 

Cooperation with 3D animation studios in the USA can significantly increase the Architect’s productivity. That is because 3D video is made by 3D Animation Artists, so the project author doesn’t need to spend ages preparing the presentation. Also, a digital video explains the project better than drawings or words. What is more, 3D animation makes online presentations as successful as offline ones, it helps justify works price, get construction permits faster and win more tenders as it showcases the result of construction in full glory.

Want to be productive as never before? Contact our studio and get a professional architectural animation that will optimize your workflow and also help save time for yourself! 

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