Photorealistic 3D Video Of A Modern House Interior

3D architectural animation company is a great provider of high-quality CG videos for marketing and designing outdoor and indoor spaces. But to some people, 3D visuals are surrounded by lots of myths and misconceptions. It’s understandable: after all, the kind of technology any architectural animation studio uses is relatively new, not all people know about it, understand it and are able to use it to their advantage. Innovative developers and architects, on the other hand, have already boosted their business with 3D videos. Using photoreal CGI, they get increased ROI from advertising, constant stream of clients and the ability to perfectly communicate with them. 

And since the technology is still somewhat of a novelty, myths naturaly tend to surround it. These misconceptions prevent people from drastically improving their advertisement and project development. Moreover, most of the myths don’t have a leg to stand on. But today, we are going to fix that injustice! Let’s see if there is any truth behind the 5 most common myths about 3D animation firms.

#1. Finding A Good 3D Architectural Animation Contractor Is Hard

Finding the right contractor for the job is always a challenging task. So, naturally, one of the misconceptions about outsourcing to a 3D architectural animation company revolves around the difficulty of choosing the perfect business to work with. Or, to put it mildly, how supposedly super hard it is. Truth is, there are just a handful of guidelines one must follow to be sure that their task will be done perfectly. One should start with examining portfolios, paying attention to the quality of 3D models, visual effects and smoothness of animation – if it looks indistinguishable from live-action, then the company is worth contacting. Before inquiring about the 3D studio’s market experience and other important things, it’s a good idea to take a look at pricing. The rest of the burning questions will be answered by CMs, but one should always keep an eye out on feedback quality – more on that later, there is a huge myth about it. 

#2. Outsourcing 3D Animation Risks Leaking Confidential Data

“Outsourcing 3D videos is risky – what if the studio leaks confidential data?” That is another popular myth. At a customer’s request, 3D architectural animation company manager can sign an NDA, ensuring legal repercussions in case of a security breach. Not to mention that a business that discloses client info will be exposed at once and never gain a loyal client base. And when a studio wants to be the best architectural animation company, as everyone does, having a crystal clear reputation is paramount!

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#3. 3D Animation Pricing Is Unclear

One of the surprisingly common misconceptions about any 3D architectural animation company is that, supposedly, pricing for CG videos is usually unclear. Actually, nothing can’t be further from the truth. Sure, costs differ from studio to studio, since it’s a competitive market and all, but regardless, pricing is calculated by a fixed and comprehensive scheme. Usually, the key factors affecting it are the size of a project, how complex the animation is – a simple walkthrough or cinematic shots, whether the animation demonstrates interiors, exteriors or both, and every point has its own separate categories. If the way a company sets prices is still unclear, a client manager can always explain it in detail.

#4. The Collaboration Workflow Is Complicated

Another widespread misconception about CGI creation and 3D animation, in particular, goes something like this: “The order is filed, but until I get the results, there is no way to monitor the process!” Except there is. A reliable 3D architectural animation company must have some type of CRM service, allowing 24/7 communication with project managers. In addition, it’s always possible to ask for feedback in form of a progress report: how good 3D models look, is the script followed to the letter, and see a preview of the future animation. In case there is something off or a need to change some parts of the design, it’s always possible to apply corrections. Usually, they come with no additional cost, but if changes exceed a certain percentage, the customer would have to pay extra.

#5. Difference In Time Zones Is Detrimental

There are thousands of outsource 3D animation studios all around the globe, most of which are located in other time zones. As was mentioned previously, modern CRM services allow communicating with remote contractors without any problems, anytime, anywhere. Client managers work in shifts, so there is always a person on duty in case a customer wants to inquire about his or her order. All data – documents, files and conversation logs are saved and backed up to avoid miscommunication and always keep both the customer and the contractor on the same page. As a cherry on top, some CRM apps are available on all devices, including smartphones, accessible at any time and place.

Overall, it’s hard to criticize outsourcing 3D video production to a 3D architectural animation company. It’s safe, convenient and allows bringing blueprints and sketches to life, as well as providing great marketing materials for hard to reach or empty real estate. It’s not a problem to find a reliable and professional CGI contractor, and the competitive nature of the market filters out all kinds of scammers. Communicating with 3D architectural animation companies is not an issue either – all of them have convenient and easy to use CRM services that keep both parties on the same page, accessible 24/7 from all devices. Not convinced yet? Then see those myths busted with your own eyes! Start a project now and achieve commercial success with our high-quality architectural animation!

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