3D Animation of a Skyscraper

3D walkthrough animation is one of the best ways of communicating the value of architectural projects. This tool is an ideal replacement of drawings and even static photoreal images. That’s because a CG video can showcase buildings in motion, immersing the viewers into a bright and life-like experience. This way, animated CGI can approach the audience’s emotions and imagination, giving them the proper motivation to seal the deal. And besides providing stellar results at presentations, a 3D walkthrough can also serve as a perfect promotional material for architects, designers, and real estate companies.

So, using a CG animation for showcasing a project is a smart choice. However, those interested in ordering a 3D walkthrough are not always sure whether their budget can allow it. Producing a quality 3D animation is a complicated process that requires skills and hard work. And its price usually reflects it. But what if we say that it is possible to optimize the cost of a digital walkthrough animation? Can one get a professionally made CG video without paying a fortune for it?

Absolutely! Today, we are telling you about 6 ways that can help reduce the cost of an architectural walkthrough animation without having to sacrifice its quality. Find out what they are and land your best deals with quality CG videos!

#1. Showcase Only the Key Points

Of course, a few-minute long 3D video demonstrating the project from all angles in all times of the day and seasons can create a wow effect on the audience. But the problem is that such a 3D walkthrough costs a pretty penny. Why so? Every second of a CGI animation consists of tens of static 3D  images. Which means that the lengthier the walkthrough is, the more renders it requires. And the creation of every additional CG render increases the price of the project. So, the longer the animation is, the more it will cost. Besides, if the client of a CGI studio orders a walkthrough that shows the change of time and seasons, it means more work for 3D artists. So, the price will be higher as well. 

Therefore, to save money on CG animation, one should consider presenting only the key views of the building in one setting. This will help to keep the CG video rather simple and short. Thinking such a 3D walkthrough animation cannot provide a full understanding of a project is far from the truth. Its length does not influence its effectiveness and quality. Either way, a 3D animation will demonstrate the architecture, building materials, and surroundings. So, the audience will understand all the benefits of the project. Though such a CG video probably won’t be as spectacular as a long animation with time-lapse and other effects, it will show the viewer everything that really needs to be seen.

#2. Provide a 3D Visualization Studio with Some Ready Materials

Another way to make 3D walkthrough animation services more affordable is to provide the CGI studio with ready materials for the project. For example, an aerial video of the future building’s location recorded by a drone can significantly decrease the cost. That’s because it will allow the 3D artist to use the match moving technique. It means that the artist will create the 3D model of the building and “insert” it into the real video. In such a way, there will be no need to create the surroundings from scratch in 3D software. For this reason, the cost will be reduced.

Also, it often happens that the client already has a 3D model of an architectural object. That’s because many architects have experience with 3D software and can bring their ideas to life using it. So, they can send a ready model to an architectural 3D visualization studio together with the brief. In such a case, 3D artists won’t need to do architecture modeling from scratch. They will just need to refine the ready model, create a 3D scene, and then make the animation. Since 3D modeling services will be excluded from the price, the client will pay less. 

#3. Submit a Detailed Brief

Providing a comprehensive technical assignment for a 3D walkthrough animation is essential. It helps to ensure that the 3D artist gets the idea of how the building and its surrounding should look. When filling the brief, one must include a lot of information. It is needed to specify the target audience and the purpose of the animation in the first place. Also, the client should give in-depth information on the building and specify all details of its surroundings. Besides this general information, the client of a CGI company should also describe their preferences regarding the length, soundtrack, and camera path in animation as well as lighting, materials, and atmosphere to be shown. It is important to provide guidance on every element of the 3D walkthrough, from the color of the sky to the shape of window frames. 

If 3D artists have as many details as possible, they will deliver the result that will perfectly convey the client’s vision. Which means that fewer rounds of expensive and time-consuming corrections will be needed during the process. This way, a comprehensive and informative brief ensures that the CG walkthrough price will be reasonable.

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#4. Use 3D Models From a CGI Studio’s Library

Apart from the building itself, which is the main hero of a 3D walkthrough animation, the CG footage usually shows a lot of secondary elements. They are needed to set a certain atmosphere and create context. These can be people, animals, vehicles, plants, decor, furniture, household items, food, toys, and so on. If a 3D artist has to model all these objects from scratch, the price of a 3D walkthrough will be high and the work will take ages. But the good news is that it is not necessary. 

Upon the client’s request, 3D artists can use ready-made models for the project. The CGI studios usually have large libraries with a wide range of 3D objects that can be used in an animated walkthrough. The clients are welcome to browse these databases and select the 3D models that fit their 3D animation projects. Usage of ready-made 3D assets can significantly lower the price of a CG architectural video. 

#5. Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute

Professional 3D animation firms take the quality of their work very seriously. Which is why their employees are ready to do the impossible to make sure that the 3D walkthrough animation is of the highest quality. They strive for it even in the conditions of the tightest deadline. But in such a case, the 3D specialists will have to work overtime and spend probably more than one sleepless night to finish the project on time. Therefore, such an order will cost extra. 

That is why it is highly recommended to order 3D animation walkthrough services beforehand. This will ensure that the 3D visualization team has enough time to complete the CG video without a rush. 

#6. Contact Specialists of a CGI Studio Regularly

To keep the 3D walkthrough price reasonable, the client should stay in touch with the 3D visualization team during the project. If both sides discuss every step of the work process in detail, it will guarantee the high quality of the outcome. By communicating regularly, clients and the project team can make sure that the work is moving in the right direction. This will help them stay on the same page and thus avoid costly corrections.

To make the communication process as smooth as possible, professionals 3D animation firms use CRM systems. Such a platform helps clients to stay in touch with the project manager and 3D artists working on a task. In a chat, a client can set tasks, review results, give feedback on them, etc. Moreover, CRM assists in keeping all the project data in order. So, it is wise to regularly contact a CGI studio through CRM to track the work progress. Besides, managers of a good 3D rendering firm are ready to respond to their clients 24/7 via any other channels: Skype, WhatsApp, email, etc.

The six ways of reducing the 3D walkthrough animation price mentioned above are proven to be very effective. If an architect, designer, or real estate expert wants to avoid unnecessary expenses, they should come up with a detailed brief and actively communicate with the team throughout the work process. This ensures that there are fewer corrections and helps to stay within the budget. Also, showcasing only the most important points of the project, using ready-made 3D models, and sending in ready materials can reduce the price significantly. Besides, clients should not order a 3D walkthrough of an architectural project at the last minute. Ordering in advance will help to save the budget. 

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