CG Nighttime View of a House in the Woods

Ordering animations at a top-class 3D walkthrough company is a convenient solution for architects and real estate experts. Because it’s a surefire way to get outstanding materials for a presentation or marketing campaign. But choosing the best CG studio to work with might be a bit tricky. The thing is that to judge the work of such companies, a potential client has to look at portfolios on their websites. But browsing through dozens of those, one might feel at a loss not knowing how to understand the competence of all the firms out there.

Luckily, with the right knowledge, it’s quite easy to spot a provider of top-quality 3D walkthrough services. And we’ll help you with that. As a professional 3D animation company, we want to make your life easier by sharing the 5 main signs of a good CGI portfolio. Knowing them, you’ll be able to pick the right 3D visualization studio without hesitation just by looking at projects on their website. And then you can be sure you’ll get the most exquisite animated CG visuals for your designs.

So, what does a portfolio of a perfect CGI company look like? Read on and find out!

#1. CG Videos Look Realistic

The number one thing to look at in any digital walkthrough is the degree of photorealism. Animations created by a decent 3D walkthrough company will be highly realistic, almost like real-life videos. All the objects in the frame will have correct geometry and life-like textures. Also, you should always pay attention to the lighting. It is wise to make sure that all the shadows, highlights, flares, and reflections are perfectly set and look hyperrealistic. Overall, the lighting in a CG walkthrough has to masterfully complement the main object and its surroundings.

#2. Animations Evoke Emotions

The purpose of a 3D walkthrough video is not just to show an architectural design. It’s also to appeal to the viewer’s emotions by conveying the atmosphere of the future place. This way, the viewer will feel a greater connection to the presented project. And that, in turn, improves the chances of successfully getting a deal.

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Therefore, for every walkthrough, a good CGI company will use a carefully thought-through scenario to tell a compelling story. Then, there will also be contextual elements not just filling the space around the building, but highlighting its character and adding to the mood of the scene. For instance, a CG walkthrough for a concept of a remote country residence can include several frames featuring beautiful serene landscapes surrounding it. And, finally, the right music will tie everything together to make the presentation even more impressive.

#3. There Are Different Types of Walkthroughs

A truly reliable 3D walkthrough company must have expertise in creating various kinds of digital 3D animation. So, its portfolio has to include both interior and exterior, commercial and residential CG videos. And the quality of all of them must be consistent. That shows that the company is versatile and can manage any a 3D walkthrough order for any kind of architectural project.

#4. Animations Successfully Highlight Design Benefits

Every architectural concept has its selling points — aspects of design to which the viewer’s attention should be directed in the first place. And a good digital presentation must emphasize those. It means that in a 3D walkthrough made by a professional CG company, the buildings will look visually appealing and very comfortable to live or work in. Moreover, they’ll look exceptional and unique. All thanks to the flattering angles thoughtfully chosen by CG specialists. So, if you see that in a studio’s portfolio, you can be sure that your designs will get the same treatment.

#5. Everything in the 3D Videos Is in Its Place

Every professional 3D walkthrough company always makes sure that all the elements in their CG videos fit into the overall concept. That means there should be no items that mismatch the context, and all details should work together to shape a perfect story. For instance, even the plants growing outside a building have to be typical for the area where the construction will take place. The same goes for the clothing people are wearing, license plates on the cars on the street, and so on. All those details must be relevant and thought-through.

Well, that’s everything you need to know to find a perfect 3D walkthrough contractor that will deliver the best results. All that’s left to do now is browse through some online portfolios from the comfort of your home or office and remember to pay attention to those 5 things we listed. You’ll definitely make the right choice!

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