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3D walkthrough video can help architects make their websites ultra-effective. Which is absolutely vital for achieving business prosperity in the digital age. Today, people browse the web for literally everything they need to find, including architecture services. Therefore, a strong online presence is a matter of survival for architects’ businesses. An architecture expert’s website is the face of their brand. It showcases the value proposition and forms the first impression that the potential client gets. So, it must be no less than outstanding.

To make a website appealing to the prospects, architecture specialists need to think through several aspects. They need to ensure that a site is well-designed, easy to navigate, informative, and has a high loading speed. And, of course, they need to regularly update their website with fresh quality content. 

Video is arguably the most effective type of content for an online page. But it’s not always easy for architects to get quality videos showing their works. That’s because oftentimes, most of their projects are currently under construction or at the design stage, so there’s almost nothing to shoot. 

Luckily, 3D technologies provided architects with a solution to this problem. A 3D video walkthrough can show the expected look of the architecture project before construction works even start. So, architecture experts won’t have to wait for months or even years to get effective content for their website. Since architectural walkthrough animation can be completely photorealistic, the viewers won’t even tell the difference from a regular video. 

So, what benefits do CG videos give to architecture experts? Read on to learn 6 reasons why a 3D walkthrough makes an architect’s website more effective!

#1. Walkthrough animation helps gain credibility and trust

Ordering architectural services is a serious undertaking that requires much time and financial investments. So, potential clients want to be 100% confident that they choose the right expert for it. To convince them that they are on the right path, an architect’s website must look very trustworthy and professional. But it is hard to make such an impression if a site has only text and still pictures. The potential clients of an architect naturally want to see more. 

That’s where a 3D walkthrough video comes in handy. Unlike still images, it provides viewers with an immersive, life-like experience of architectural designs. The prospects can see them in motion and examine from every angle. Which serves as a proof of an architect’s skills and credibility. To enhance the impression, it is reasonable to add subtitles or voice-overs with expert information to a walkthrough video. It will provide viewers with a deeper understanding of an architecture professional’s knowledge. For example, the author can briefly tell about the project’s background and purposes. They can also describe the challenges that arose in the process of work and explain how they managed to deal with them. Such narratives can turn a 3D walkthrough animation into an engaging story that helps build trust with the audience.

#2. CG video allows building a strong brand personality

Among hundreds of experts and brands in any field, there are ones that people know and remember best of all. They stand out from the competition thanks to their character and personality. These professionals are bright, memorable, and unique. To position themselves in such a way, architects have to make sure their website showcases the core traits of their business persona. The best way to do that is through a video. This format is preferred by the audience and works better than texts and images. 

A 3D walkthrough video can help architecture specialists create an attractive image of their brand. There are many ways to craft an impactful CG animation. As we mentioned before, an animated walkthrough can show the future look of architectural projects in photoreal quality and motion. It can also include informative subtitles or voice-overs, brand logo, ect. A 3D video can tell a story that resonates with the target audience. It can be achieved with the help of the right contextual elements, soundtrack, atmosphere, and special effects like timelapse. Adding such an asset to a website is a surefire way to stand out and win the audience’s hearts.

#3. Animated content entertains and engages viewers

Videos attract people’s attention more than other types of content on the web. The information given in the video format is much easier to process than texts and even still visuals. Reading texts require a high level of concentration, which can quickly turn off the page’s visitors. While a 3D walkthrough video is easily digestible and can be perceived quickly and effortlessly. Moreover, a CG video can entertain and evoke emotions with the viewers. 

So, the difference between reading a long text with a few pics of a building and watching a stunning 3D video walkthrough about it is evident. The visitors of a website would definitely prefer the latter because it saves their time and effort. And, most importantly, it’s much more fun. 

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#4. CG walkthrough video can improve SEO

Web sources that actively use video format are 53 times more likely to rank higher on Google than those that rely on images and texts. This whopping number is explained by several reasons. First of all, videos reduce the bounce rate. 88% of users stay longer on web pages with this type of content. And the more time people spend on the website, the more useful it is considered by the search engine. A 3D video can also help architects get backlinks for their websites. That is because users prefer to share videos more than other types of content. Therefore, a 3D walkthrough video can boost a website’s SEO.

#5. CG videos increase a website’s reach

As it was already mentioned, users are more eager to share video content than images or texts. Therefore, with a CG animation, architecture experts can increase their website’s reach with minimum efforts. If there is a striking 3D walkthrough video on a web page, it is likely that viewers will share it on social media or via other means. So, more people will get to know about the architect’s services. An exceptionally impressive 3D animation can be re-shared many times on different platforms, becoming viral and bringing more leads to a web page.

#6. Walkthrough animation boosts conversion

A video can boost a website’s conversion rate by up to 80%. Therefore, if there’s an animation on an architect’s web page, leads will be more likely to become clients. That’s because by watching a 3D walkthrough video, they will get a comprehensive understanding of the expert’s experience, skills, and services. So, they will be more confident about entrusting their projects to an architect in question. 

A 3D video walkthrough can skyrocket the success of an architectural company’s website. It helps architects prove their credibility and establish a brand. A 3D walkthrough also engages viewers and hooks them emotionally. What’s more, a CG video can increase a website’s reach as well as boost its SEO and conversion.

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A CG walkthrough video is a digitally made video that shows the expected result of an architectural project in photoreal quality and motion.

A 3D walkthrough can serve as an ultra-effective presentation of an architecture project. Thanks to photorealism, it easily explains designs even to people with no architectural background. Also, a 3D walkthrough can be used as a promotional tool.

Professional 3D walkthrough services do not come very cheap. A 3D architectural animation typically costs a few thousand USD.

Today, people search for all kinds of products and services online. This also includes architecture firms. A company without a website or with a poorly made one will hardly get any clients at all. So, an architecture expert needs to have a well-designed, informative, SEO-optimized website.

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