3D Animation for a Seaside Resort Project

CGI animation can become a turning point at a commercial architectural project pitch. This kind of visualization is more impressive and detailed than any drawings, sketches, or even still renders. It eliminates the need for you to explain why your design would fit clients’ business goals. You won’t have to struggle to describe every aspect of your project. A CGI video will just show each of them in a perfectly photorealistic quality.

A well-made digital 3D animation of your commercial design can help impress even the pickiest clients and get you a deal. With such a visual aid, you will feel ultra-confident at any pitch — because you can be sure that your project will get the appreciation it deserves. So, what exactly makes CGI videos such a powerful presentation tool, specifically for commercial designs? Read on and find out!

#1. CGI Animation Shows How a Commercial Building Will Satisfy Needs of All Its Visitors

Unlike residential properties, commercial buildings are usually designed to serve the needs of many people. For example, a hospital must be convenient for both doctors and patients, a hotel has to provide comfort for staff and guests, etc. So, when presenting an architectural project of such a type, you should show how well-thought-out each space is and how they are interconnected. That’s where CGI animation can do a perfect job. 

A CG video can show each room in detail, sequentially focusing on the most important areas. Just watch the 3D animation above. It shows an elegant hotel lobby with a reception desk. First of all, this CGI video showcases the spaciousness of the room. Also, the CG animation demonstrates the smart layout and transitions between functional zones. In different moments of the CGI presentation, we can see the comfy chairs in the waiting area, the stairs to the second floor, the tier above the reception desk, the area with cash machines. This is how just one 3D animation shows that the space is large enough for all staff and guests to not disturb each other and provides everything needed for their comfort.

#2. CG Animation Paints a Full Picture by Showcasing Both Exterior and Interior

When presenting commercial architecture projects, it is crucial to show both exterior and interior design solutions. Moreover, it is preferable to showcase them not separately but working in tandem. Here, it’s best to let your audience see how the external flows into the internal, forming a perfect aesthetical and functional integrity. This will help you prove that all parts of your concept are aligned with the vision of your clients.  

Using CGI animation is the best way to present your project as a coherent whole. And a 3D video above can serve as a perfect example. First, it shows the exterior design of a sleek modern skyscraper, allowing the viewers to appreciate the beautiful architecture, quality construction materials, and scale of the structure. Then, the camera “flies” in through the front door, and the audience continues their journey inside the building. They can see the stylish lobby, the cozy cafeteria, and plenty of comfortable office spaces with magnificent views from the windows. This way, they experience the design in its entirety and can see that it is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

#3. CGI Walkthrough Demonstrates Commercial Buildings in Use

Another essential thing in presenting commercial architecture projects is to show how well they can serve their purpose. It’s important to let your clients see not just the aesthetics of your design but also its functionality. For this, CGI animation is the ideal visual tool.

For example, a 3D demonstration above shows the design of a storage and office space. The camera “flies” around the building, allowing the viewers to examine it from different angles. While watching the CG animation, they can see different spaces of the property in use. It is obvious that the ground level is used for showrooms, as there are many mannequins in trendy outfits placed in the panoramic shop windows. Also, one can see visitors inside as well as their bicycles and cars parked outside. With such a 3D animation for architecture, you can easily show your clients how convenient it would be to use the building. Which helps convince them about signing the deal.

#4. CGI Videos Show the Infrastructure around the Commercial Property

In many commercial projects, the surroundings are as important as the architecture object itself. For instance, if you are presenting a concept of a luxury resort, you would want to show clients the comfortable amenities and the beautiful nature around the main building. And a CGI animation can help you do just that. 

Just take a look at a CG demonstration above. It takes the viewers on a trip through a seaside resort, allowing them to experience all the benefits of staying there. The 3D animation shows that the complex has everything for an unforgettable vacation: easy access to the beach, a swimming pool with comfy chaise lounges, a small bar, a large tennis court. And, most importantly, one can see the wonderful tropic nature surrounding this cozy resort. After seeing such an impressive presentation, the audience won’t doubt that this project is a worthy investment.

#5. CGI Animation Presents Commercial Designs in the Most Winning Settings

To truly impress clients with your commercial architectural design, it’s not enough to rationally explain the benefits of your project. The presentation will be more effective if your concept appeals to your audience on an emotional level too. And for this, it’s important to choose an outstanding setting.

With 3D animation, you can choose any scenery that would highlight the beauty of your design. For instance, the CGI video shown in this paragraph  starts with the scene showing the skyscraper overlooking the busy night city. The viewers see the bright city lights below, the dark sky full of shining stars above, and the huge, beautifully lit building at the forefront of the scene. Such an impressive view instantly catches their attention. It makes the presentation engaging from the very beginning. And after being wowed by the concept at the first glance, the audience will be more likely to perceive the remaining part of the pitch positively.

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 CGI animation is irreplaceable when it comes to presenting commercial architecture projects. It lets you show that the future building will satisfy the needs of all people that would visit it and that its design is flawless both on the inside and on the outside. CG videos help to show how the property will be used and how it will fit into the surroundings. Also, CGI demonstrations help you show your concept in the most mesmerizing setting, taking your audience’s breath away. As the icing on the cake, the right soundtrack can amplify the impression. It will make your presentation nothing but perfect. All in all, a professionally made 3D video can help you win clients easier than ever.

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