3D Photoreal Video of a Modern House Exterior

Real estate video marketing has become a game-changer for realtors. The increase in inquiries for listings with videos has been estimated at a whopping 403%, according to Inman. While this sounds like a dream come true for real estate agents dealing with the ready-built homes, the question about those working with unfinished objects comes up. 

Because it’s great when a house is built and the realtor can make a fancy video with it, but what if there’s nothing to film yet? It’s pretty obvious that shooting a messy construction site or an agent talking about the benefits of a future house would hardly impress potential buyers. So should the realtors who work with properties under construction forget the idea of real estate video marketing? 

Not if they opt for CGI architectural animation! Digital movies allow for presenting unfinished properties as effectively as developed ones. Read up and find out how to enhance real estate video marketing with CGI and find buyers for unfinished properties easier than ever!

#1. Show the expected outcome before the building works start

3D films allow real estate agents for presenting the expected result of construction with all architectural solutions and materials that will be applied in detail, in photoreal quality, and in motion. It allows viewers for obtaining a full understanding of the design. Moreover, 3D footage looks ultra-realistic and gives the audience a life-like experience, which can become a turning point in influencing the buyer’s final decision about signing the deal with the agent.

The latter can get a high-end 3D film on any project development stage even if the design exists only in the drawings at the moment. For this, the realtor should contact a professional 3D animation company and send them a design brief. After that, all the work will be done by skilled 3D artists who will deliver a top-notch real estate video. As per the realtor’s preferences, 3D movies can showcase the house’s interior, exterior, or both.

#2. Showcase the future property in the context

For a potential homeowner, making a decision about buying a home not only depends on the dwelling’s design, but also on the infrastructure and amenities available in the neighborhood. Also, the prospects are interested to know whether the future house harmonizes visually with the landscapes around it. So, to make up their minds about a potential deal, the potential buyers want to see the residence in its surroundings. 

In the case of unfinished properties, nothing but 3D films can help with this. Skilled 3D artists can generate a 3D video in which the future dwelling is shown in its intended surroundings. Such footage will be a true asset in terms of real estate video marketing. So how to get one? 

There are two ways to accomplish this. One way to go about displaying the neighborhood in real estate marketing videos is that the 3D artists can digitally build up the dwelling and the surrounding neighborhood from scratch, based on territory layouts, drawings, and sketches. The other way implies that the realtor has drone footage shot over the area in which the residence will be built and then sends it to a 3D architectural services studio together with blueprints of a future house. Using these materials, the 3D artists can create a photoreal 3D model of the house and combine it with drone footage using special software. This way, the real estate agent can get a 3D aerial video displaying how the future dwelling will look in the neighborhood once construction is completed.

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#3. Engage prospects with emotions in 3D animation

If the prospects feel an emotional connection with a project, they are more likely to sign a deal with an agent. So it is a wise move to use real estate video marketing strategy that implies evoking emotions of the prospects. And 3D animation can help do just that. 

For this, seasoned 3D artists ensure that 3D real estate video conveys the atmosphere of a location and tells a story about future life there. To achieve it, 3D specialists add special details, like household items, decor, food, and beverages. For instance, the scenes of an interior 3D video can include an open book lying on the bed, or a steaming hot coffee on the table in the living room. Showing such elements in real estate marketing videos helps convey a cozy and inviting feel of the property. What is more, 3D animations include soundtracks that perfectly match footage. The visual and music parts of the 3D video intensify each other’s effect, evoking the emotions of the viewers.

#4. Show real estate in different seasons

Another way for realtors to use real estate video marketing to their advantage is to get 3D animation that shows the property in all the seasons in turn all within just a few minutes. The contrast between seeing the residence in springtime, when the flowers are in full bloom, and in wintertime, when there is snowfall, can impress the viewer greatly and help them imagine living in this place all year round. Showing all times of the year is a unique benefit of 3D films, since shooting the existing property with a camera in different seasons for real estate video marketing purposes would be too time-consuming.

#5. Show the functional side of a future home in a CG video

3D real estate video can do more than showing the stunning views of the property. It also allows the viewers to witness the household’s devices and mechanisms in action. For this, our 3D animation studio offers a special feature called  “How It Works”.

Want to see how multipurpose furniture can change its form? Need to understand how a customized security system would take effect? And what about the work of automated doors? Here we go 3D animation for real estate video marketing can take care of it all, precisely showing every mechanism in action. This allows prospects to get a more comprehensive understanding of the project.

All in all, it is safe to say that 3D animation for real estate video marketing can attract many leads for realtors who work with unfinished homes. With CG footage, potential homeowners can experience the look of a future house, as well as see it in the context. The use of 3D animation in real estate marketing videos can also help tap into the potential homeowner’s emotions, show the dwelling in various seasons, and display the household mechanisms in action. This all makes 3D movies one of the best marketing tools for realtors.

Do you work with unfinished homes and want to boost your real estate video marketing success? Contact our 3D animation company, and we will gladly help you do that!

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Catherine is a content writer and editor. In her articles, she explains how CGI is transforming the world of architecture and design. Outside of office, she enjoys yoga, travelling, and watching horrors.

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