3D Animation for Massachusetts House Project

Real estate animation and 2D visualization are different ways to show the project to a potential customer. But which one is better and why? Let’s say, there is a luxury seaside house under construction or in need of renovation. The project boasts a picturesque location and breathtaking design, and though far from cheap, the property will only cost more over time. So how to explain all the benefits of such property to the client? How to make him see that this is an opportunity not to miss?

Selling a mansion under construction or renovation is not easy. Words, plans, and photos make the client kind of interested, but there are no more calls after personal meetings. Similarly, ads and listings do not attract much attention. How to make people see the beauty of a house that does not exist yet? What will make potential buyers fall in love with the project? Well, virtual staging and 3D visualization can convey the overall atmosphere, but they just aren’t enough to sell luxury real estate. Advertising for upmarket properties should look as breathtaking and expensive as the house itself. However, when the mansion is empty, needs renovation, or doesn’t exist, selling it for a fair price is tough. For how does one produce the wow effect required? Real estate animation is the solution. This effective promotional material has the advantages of renderings and printed catalogs but even more impressive. Detailed architectural animation video provides way more impact than any other known 2D means. How so? Join us as we discover 5 incredible advantages of 3D animation over still images.

#1. Real Estate Animation Demonstrates Spaces Transition

It’s essential for the viewers to see the smooth transition of materials from one room to another. It’ll let the customers feel the style of each part of the house and see the whole picture. This applies to things like transitions of flooring from different wood finishes and how smoothly they change from room to room. Even top-class photoreal 2D images can’t give that information: separate pictures are perceived as fragments and cannot form a holistic experience.

#2. Videos Show Dimensions and Spacing

A floor plan or 3D visualization can show the prominent features of a property, like large spaces or columns. But will they really highlight them? Meanwhile, photorealistic 3D animation lets the potential buyer examine each corner, see exact volumes, and walk around the place looking from different points. This features will reveal all architectural benefits and glue the buyer to the screen.  

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#3. Animation Gives Viewers a Full Immersion Effect

When presenting a project to a potential buyer, it is crucial to hold their attention. However, keeping them interested for more than 5 minutes requires extraordinary oratorical skills, as well as fitting all the selling points into this short time too. Luckily, architecture animation video solves both problems. First of all, it doesn’t need much time to convey all the information. Secondly, it does so with unparalleled impact!

Real estate animation can show all the materials in detail. The sheer beauty of textures and fullness of viewing experience will easily catch the interest. Moreover, light, one of the most important components, will serve as an attention-grabbing tool. For architectural video can show any light and weather imaginable. Whatever will benefit the project – a sunny morning, beautiful twilight, late evening, or mysterious dark night. Even a transition between times of the day is possible – now wouldn’t that make a statement worthy of a luxurious commercial?

#4. It Adds Life to the Picture through Motion

The sense of presence is another huge advantage of 3D real estate animation over 2D images. The movement that is present in the animation allows to immerse the viewer in action, and thus help them experience the design to the full. The tour becomes more engaging and creates the illusion of visiting the place for real.

#5. Animation Can Show Small Details Better than 2D

Using 3D animation is a great possibility to show inner space advantages. Only when on tour can a viewer appreciate the beauty of custom kitchen furniture designed specifically for the project. The viewer will see how much free space it offers, how comfortable it is to use, and how unique it makes the interior look. This way, real estate animation will show how the company went extra-mile for the viewers’ comfort and appreciate the added value. Could that effect be achieved with 2D imagery? Hardly so: the images will look more formal and produce less visual impact.

Even the most luxurious house needs a good demonstration. So, why not use the opportunity to show the transitions of materials, volumes, spaces, and give the viewer the full presence effect? Real estate 3D animation is a lot better tool than 2D imagery. It can attract more attention because of motion and impress the potential customer with full immersion effect.

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