A 3D Rendering Of A Villa Pool Area

Due to the nature of their profession, architects often experience pressure and stress. As a professional 3D animation studio working with many architecture specialists, we know this for sure. The good part is that we are also aware of how to simplify a very challenging part of the architects’ work. Which is attracting investors and customers as well as pitching projects to them. For this, architecture specialists need to explain technical details of their plans and blueprints to those who usually have little expertise in the field. Also, the professionals have to produce props and mock-ups showcasing their ideas which is a very time-consuming and tedious task. 

But in 2020, there is a way to ease all the above-mentioned challenges. With the help of a 3D animation design studio, an architecture specialists’ work can become much easier. So join us as we explore 5 ways CGI can help architects take the stress out of their workflow, save time, and keep a work-life balance!

#1. CG animation eliminates the need for physical mock-ups

As we’ve mentioned previously, to showcase their projects architects need physical representations of their designs. Making them takes days or even weeks at times, not to mention the cost of materials needed. All those resources should be definitely allocated elsewhere to perfecting new ideas or taking a breather. 

Fortunately, a 3D animation studio can help specialists out in that. First of all, CG presentations require no physical resources, except for the labor of the 3D artists who use only digital assets to do the work. Secondly, outsourcing 3D video production takes a huge load off architects’ shoulders. It essentially boils down to sending drawings and personal preferences for the script as well as keeping an eye out on the progress via a user-friendly CRM system. Convenient as now the architecture specialist can start another project, or focus on a marketing strategy.

#2. CGI simplifies explaining technicalities with 3D animated visuals

Explaining the technical details of their projects is difficult for all professionals, but especially for architects. Material choices and their effects on functionality and looks, the structural soundness of the construction, the layout all those things define how well a building will serve its purpose as a family dwelling, an apartment complex or a commercial space. But the problem is that the architects’ clients are rarely well-versed in the technicalities. However, they still need to know how functional the place will be and whether it is worth their investment in the long run. But this crucial information can’t be easily derived from blueprints, sketches or verbal explanations.

While a 3D animation studio can explain all these points with ease. High-quality CGI films look indistinguishable from live-action videos so, viewers will feel like they are looking at an actual interior or exterior. This leads to the second part and yes, CGI videos can show and explain every technical solution in detail. For this, a 3D video can focus on the particular elements of an interior or exterior. If those are a combination of materials, some design elements, or even household mechanisms, they can be put in the spotlight with dramatic POVs. The walkthrough can also feature the same spaces from different perspectives bird’s eye view, panoramic shots, etc. This way, a viewer will experience the design in all its glory. No need to decode blueprints for non-architects for hours it’s all on screen, understandable and awe-inspiring, with no words.

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#3. CG animation makes architecture marketing easier

Modern businesses, including architectural studios, tend to benefit from digital marketing. However, despite lots of people needing architecture services, the specialists find it difficult to find clients by advertising via websites and social media. This is because they usually lack high-quality content to fill their portfolios and do SMM with. 

Fortunately, a 3D animation studio offers a few solutions to attract attention to a business. First off, portfolios on architects’ websites. Photorealistic 3D animation is the perfect kind of content to fill one. Also, since those renditions showcase properties that aren’t built yet, this way portfolio size can increase much faster than with finished projects, and, in turn, so does the specialist’s credibility.

Second, SMM. Social media presence is a powerful lead-generation tool, and in good hands it will bring clients in droves. However, SMM needs a steady flow of attention-grabbing content. It may come in the form of case studies, daily updates on current projects, myth-busting, Q&As, news from the world of architecture or sharing discussions with other specialists. But though the text on its own may be informative, it might be not enough to attract attention. For this, all content should be combined with high-quality 3D visuals both static and animated.

The combination of eye-candy CG videos provided by a 3D animation studio and informative posting will secure a constant stream of new leads and clients. So, with a powerful tool like CGI, professionals won’t need to worry about where to find visuals for social media content, and website.

#4. CG studios help create deeply impressive 3D-animated presentations

Presenting one’s designs to potential investors is quite challenging they want returns, and seeing blueprints and drawings with hours of explanations is not convincing in this day and age. A 3D animation studio provides several solutions to impress prospects during project pitching and help them feel an emotional connection with design. One of which is taking the viewers on a journey and telling them a story. 

What was said about the use of CGI previously can be said about both static 3D shots and videos. However, photoreal 3D videos have one great advantage. A 3D demonstration studio provides its clients with mini CG movies that tell stories informative and entertaining at the same time. Picture this: a beautiful, photorealistic 3D video, with layered lighting, dramatic POVs and contextual elements that tells a story about a future life in the dwelling. After seeing something like that, investors will need no further explanations, and the experience would create a lasting impression, swaying them to seal the deal.

#5. CG animation eliminates the need to explain in words how a building will look in context

A building design may look fantastic, but what about its surroundings? Location plays a huge role in setting the mood of exterior, and how it is perceived by the future dweller. An author of the project may envision a building in a certain place, but there is no way to demonstrate it during the presentation. That is, unless a designer contracts a 3D animation studio.

CGI software can place a realistic 3D model of a building within any setting one can imagine. A hotel in a tropical environment, a house in the mountains, office space in a dense urban district everything is possible! With this kind of creative freedom a 3D modeling and rendering studio provides, an architect will convince investors with ease since they will see how perfectly the building fits in its future surroundings.

A 3D animation studio is a life-saver for architects, in more ways than one. No need to work on physical models of your designs a digital 3D rendering requires no physical resources and is outsourced to a team of professionals. No need to spend time on explanations of technicalities a 3D video can substitute a million words. Also, a 3D animation can show how the future building and its surroundings complement each other, and will make for the most impressive design presentation through the means of storytelling. On top of that, CGI videos can serve as perfect content for a website and social media pages. All in all, 3D animation studios make architects’ work much easier.

Would you like to focus on improving your new interior or exterior projects? Or maybe you want to just have a rest once in while? Balance your work and life with our 3D architectural animation services!

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