3D Exterior Render of a Lakeside Building

3D exterior rendering has become an invaluable tool for architects to communicate their design ideas. But where and how can they get quality renders? An effective way to do so is outsourcing. And here, it is crucial for you as a client to understand the 3D exterior rendering price. Because only that way, you can ensure you get the best value for your money. 

In this article, our 3D walkthrough company breaks down the main factors that affect the price of exterior rendering. We will help you make informed decisions while hiring the right professionals. So, let’s dive in!

#1. Project Brief

Exterior CGI of a Clubhouse

The first and foremost factor that influences the 3D exterior rendering price is the brief. That’s because a well-detailed assignment is essential to provide a clear and concise understanding of your requirements. Without that, the CGI team might have a hard time delivering accurate results before the deadline. 

Incomplete or vague assignments may lead to misunderstandings. Those, in turn, result in increased costs due to rework and revisions. Therefore, it’s essential to invest time in creating a comprehensive assignment. Ideally, a brief for an exterior rendering project should include a 3D model, drawings, as well as material, lighting, environment, and mood references.

#2. Number of 3D Renders

Though additional views typically cost less than the first one, they still add to the final price. It’s essential to strike a balance between the number of views needed and the overall budget. So, be mindful of your requirements and discuss them with your 3D rendering team. This way, you’ll be able to determine the optimal number of views for your project.

#3. Need for Custom Modeling

3D Exterior Render of a Modern Home

Another factor that can significantly affect the 3D exterior rendering price is custom modeling. If your design requires unique or intricate elements, it may necessitate the creation of custom 3D assets. It is time-consuming and more expensive than using pre-existing models. To manage costs, try to make use of ready-made elements your 3D contractor might offer. That is how you can get quality exterior renders without breaking the bank.

#4. Architectural Style of the Project

Exterior CGI of a Mansion

The style of your design also has a bearing on the 3D exterior rendering price. Designs in some styles, such as Modern and Minimalist, are relatively easy to recreate in 3D rendering for architects. In contrast, more complex styles like Gothic or Baroque require intricate detailing. That can increase the time and effort required, affecting the overall price. So, it’s essential to discuss the project’s style with your CGI team to understand the cost implications and make necessary adjustments.

#5. Complexity of the 3D Environment

Exterior CGI for a Chic Villa

Another crucial aspect that impacts the 3D exterior rendering price is the complexity of the surroundings of your design. Detailed landscapes, vegetation, and other environmental elements can significantly increase the workload for 3D artists. Naturally, that leads to higher costs. That’s why it’s vital to find a balance between creating a visually rich environment and managing the overall cost of the project. 

If you need aerial exterior views, there is a way to reduce the price of building the 3D environment. You can do so by providing photos of the real place taken from above. This technique is called photo matching. With it, a 3D artist only has to create a 3D model of the building and then blend it seamlessly into a photo. This way, the price can be reduced drastically.

#6. Managing Revisions

Exterior CGI of Residential Buildings

Throughout the project, revisions are inevitable as new ideas emerge or changes are required. However, the amount and complexity of these revisions can significantly affect the 3D exterior rendering price. To minimize costs, it’s essential to maintain regular, clear, and open communication with your 3D rendering team. That will ensure any changes are well-understood and implemented efficiently. Additionally, try to consolidate revisions and provide detailed feedback. That will help the team work more effectively and reduce unnecessary expenses.

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Several factors influence the 3D exterior rendering price. They include the comprehensiveness of the brief, the number of 3D views, and custom modeling requirements. The architectural style, the complexity of the environment, and the number of revisions throughout the project matter too. By understanding these factors, you can now make more informed decisions. We hope our article will help you optimize exterior visualization costs while achieving great results.

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