3D House Walkthrough Of A Skyscraper Apartment

Getting approval for even the most stunning interior projects can be a hurdle for architects. To win the clients, the author of the design has to present the idea in full splendor. Firstly, the space has to look gorgeous. Secondly, the layout should be functional and well-thought-out. Finally, it’s the overall impression — the architect has to really make the audience want to live in the presented dwelling.  

But the materials that architecture specialists usually use at presentations just cannot showcase all the above-mentioned things. Hand-drawn sketches and blueprints make sense to a professional but they cannot help the house owners picture the future space clearly, not to mention explaining technicalities. 

To win over clients’ hearts and minds, architects need modern and effective tools. We believe that CGI architectural animation is just the game-changer for successful interior design presentations. Let’s explore 5 ways a 3D house walkthrough can help sway clients!

#1. CG house walkthrough visualizes future interior in realistic quality

The biggest problem with presenting interior projects is the lack of realistic and impressive visuals. Sketches and drawings are too schematic, so they do not convince the audience with ease. But a 3D animation is more than capable of it. 

A 3D house walkthrough offers a photoreal rendition of the properties’ future look. It depicts architectural solutions, materials, and lighting scenarios as if the works are already completed. Unlike sketches and even the other types of CGI, 3D videos have an additional layer of realism — which is motion. A 3D house walkthrough looks like a real short movie shot by a cameraman or a drone. It gives a life-like experience and creates a lasting impression on future homeowners, so it’s likely that they’ll be convinced to approve the project.

#2. CGI house walkthroughs are informative without words

Blueprints are difficult or outright impossible to understand for a person without an architectural background. However, it’s vital to somehow convey the technicalities to future homeowners to convince them that the design is worthy of investment. 

A 3D house walkthrough can accomplish that with ease. A 3D movie translates static blueprints into an informative photoreal presentation, showcasing the designed space from different angles. It can demonstrate the functionality of layout, explain a lighting system inside the house, show smart storage solutions, and even furniture and decor. No need to decipher the diagrams for hours it’s all right there on the screen, exactly how it will look like when the project is brought to life.

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#3. CG animated walkthrough emphasizes selling points

There are selling points to each project, which are meant to make clients fall in love with the design and seal the deal. So, it is essential that the house owners understand them clearly. But sketches and blueprints just don’t cut it for this goal and neither do words. To convince the clients, the author of the project needs to showcase selling points in realistic quality. And a 3D house walkthrough is the perfect tool for the job. 

For instance, if the selling points of a home design include comfortable solutions like a walk-in pantry or a laundry room, a CG video can focus on them. A 3D animation can also emphasize the beauty and quality of materials used, such as gorgeous fumed oak flooring. If newly enlarged windows let more light in and allow for seeing a picturesque view, a 3D architectural presentation can highlight that too.

#4. CG walkthrough conveys coziness of the future space

Making clients willing to live in the designed house is the key task of a presentation, and giving the space a lived-in look is one of the most convincing techniques. It’s easy to pull off with a 3D house walkthrough. 

3D animation studios have vast libraries with different 3D models of furniture, decor, and other. So, all 3D walkthrough creators need to do is to fill the rooms in the CG video with the right contextual elements. A few pieces of clothes lying around, open drawers and wardrobes, dinner on a table and a few knick-knacks here and there. This would create an inviting atmosphere and really make the design come to life. Which will help the audience connect emotionally with the presented project and sway their decision.

#5. CG video takes viewers on a journey

A 3D house walkthrough can turn the presentation into an exciting virtual journey. The 3D animation may switch between perspectives to show the space from every angle. Another technique that can be used is a project timelapse, for example, a walkthrough that changes the time of day as the camera moves on. Finally, the 3D animation can be made even more immersive with the right soundtrack that complements the atmosphere of the space. An architecture specialist can feel free to experiment since a 3D house walkthrough opens lots of creative opportunities.

Convincing clients to approve a project at an interior design presentation can be a challenge, but with the right tools, it becomes a walk in the park. A 3D house walkthrough can bring spaces that exist only as sketches and blueprints to life, showcasing them as if they are already completed. 3D animations explains technical details, such as layout and lighting systems, without words. With the help of clever camera work and vast libraries of virtual objects, a 3D house walkthrough can easily present the selling points of any interior and give it a lived-in look. Last, but certainly not least, using a 3D animation for design pitching provides an immersive experience for the viewers, swaying them with unbound creativity.

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  1. Jamika Reddrick
    Jamika Reddrick says:

    You are basically saying that customer experience is very important for an architect, not only the result. I think you’re right

  2. Marina Teramond
    Marina Teramond says:

    Of course, our world is full of innovations but before this moment I hadn’t even imagined that there could be such a wonderful and multifunctional tool for creating a 3D design. To tell the truth, what amazes me the most is its range of advantages because it is absolutely unique and it can make your process of designing a home easier to a global extent. It is so cool that this provides you with an opportunity to draw inspiration by finding an idea of design which could meet your needs and requests because really often it is difficult to realize what you truly want to implement into a reality. I am certain that this will be an integral part in creating a design for my new apartment. Thank you loads for introducing me to such an ingenious development!


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