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Before content marketing for architects came into play, the architecture specialists forged new business relationships and found clients mostly through word of mouth referrals. But the times have changed. Now, many professionals in the industry discovered the benefits of a well-thought-out content marketing strategy. The latter allows for reaching out to a wider target audience and winning many new clients.  

Using video marketing for architects is a must to plan an effective strategy. This is because people prefer videos above all the other types of content. So, there is no surprise that video is the primary marketing tool for 81 % of businesses, according to Hubspot. Architects should definitely take advantage of this kind of content as well.

However, not all architecture professionals already know how to promote themselves and their work successfully through video content. That is why we decided to prepare a guide on this aspect of marketing for architects. Read and learn about 6 types of videos that will help architecture professionals attract more leads and gain their trust!

#1. Client testimonials

A Modern Laptop with Clients’ Testimonials on a Screen

BigCommerce has found that  92% of consumers make purchasing decisions by viewing testimonials. The same study determined that of all the consumers, 72%  have more trust for businesses that feature positive reviews. So, there is no doubt that content marketing for architects requires using testimonials.

Usually they come in a textual format. However, presenting a client’s review in a short film can be much more powerful and memorable for the viewers. That is because videos provide information in a short, concise, and easily digestible form. Therefore, it makes sense for architects to film an interview with their satisfied clients. It can then be shared in online channels across the professionals’ social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram as well as on the architect’s website and blog.

#2. Demonstration of the design stage

An Architecture Specialist Creating a Physical Model of a House

It’s exciting to see how the idea of the future building is born and developed. So, it is a wise move to film some parts of the design stage and use these materials in content marketing for architects. The footage can show the authors of the project discussing the blueprints, working in CAD programs, drawing sketches of the future design, and so on. The viewers will love to watch the creative process of a designing house from the ground up.

Showcasing footage of this stage highlights the specific intricacies of an architect’s work. Not only can it display the professionals’ knowledge and skills, but it can also bring in different perspectives of their personality. Potential clients can look at the architect’s abilities to think on their feet and solve day-to-day working issues. This way, the prospects can start respecting the architect not only as a professional but also as a person. Which will help greatly in building trust with them.

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#3. Footage of the construction process

Two Builders Discussing a Drawing on a Site

Video content marketing for architects does not necessarily imply showing only the final results of the projects. The process of construction is also worth attention. It is just fascinating to see how a whole new building is created from scratch.

One of the most exciting ways to illustrate it is making a time-lapse film, where hours, months, or even years of work are condensed into just a few minutes. However, even though the result is worth it, creating real-life movies of such kind is too time-consuming. Filming a single time-lapse film of a building process may take several months or even more.  

A simpler and more cost-effective way to go about it is to opt for a CG animation. The entirety of the process can be recreated in a digital space by a 3D artist. What is more, it is possible to show the final results of construction even if the project is yet to be completed. Displaying the work from start to finish through catchy photoreal 3D animation is bound to draw people’s attention and attract new prospects to the architecture company.

#4. Visuals showing the result of work

Displaying the final result of construction is the cornerstone of content marketing for architects. So, it works out perfectly if there is a portfolio of finished projects to showcase. However, if the architect does not have enough completed works to display, CGI architectural animation is the solution.

Photoreal 3D movies can be ultra-useful in terms of content marketing for architects because they help the clients visualize their dream project even before the first brick has been laid. 3D artists can create a photorealistic film showing the expected outcome of a project that is either yet to start or is under development. To get such an asset, the architecture specialist needs to get in touch with a professional CGI studio and fill the brief.

#5. Videos expressing the architect’s values and expertness

A Concept Symbolizing Mission, Vision, and Values

When it comes to creating marketing content for architects, it’s a good idea to get the professionals to speak to the camera about their mission for the projects that they work on. When the audience sees a real person speaking on behalf of a company and representing its values, the architecture brand identity gets solidified in their minds. The specialists’ opinions, ideas, and work ethic can resonate with prospective clients. This will help lay the foundation for a long and fruitful partnership.

Another fantastic way to promote architects is to establish them as thought leaders in the industry. Sharing a video of an architect talking about a specific market or sector in which they have significant expertise will position them as an authority on the subject. It can help sway potential customers’ decisions about working with the architecture specialist.

#6. Stories about an architect’s works

A Concept Symbolizing the Art of Storytelling in Architecture

If there is one thing people get drawn into and invest in, it is a good story. According to Cursive Content, brands that create unique content driven by stories are likely to convince 78% of consumers to start working with them. So, how to use storytelling in content marketing for architects? Let’s see. 

The architects can film a captivating story about the creation of a building, from the time it was an empty deserted lot to its evolution into a beautiful place where people live or work in. Apart from the professional’s experience of working on a project, it is essential to tell the story of a building after its commissioning. The footage should show how people enjoy living and working in a newly constructed space. It can showcase excited shoppers in a new mall, a group of students playing football in their new school’s field, and so on. Sharing such stories about projects is an efficient marketing tool that can raise the profile of the architect.

The usage of video content marketing for architects is essential to generate a flow of new leads. The architecture professional should take benefit from client testimonials, filming or animations showing the design stage, footage of the construction process. They can also opt for a CG movie showcasing the final result of the unfinished projects, video of architects talking about their opinions and expertness, and interesting stories about the creation and usage of the buildings. All these materials can help greatly in attracting potential clients and business opportunities.

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