3D Animation for a Mountain Residence

3D walkthrough services provide realty professionals with an ultra-effective promotional tool. And it is crucially important to have one in a vibrant real estate market. There are over two million realty agents in the USA alone, and they sold more than 700.000 new houses in 2019! Needless to say, with this level of competition in the field, it’s pretty hard for a realtor to stand out and get noticed by potential clients. 

Luckily, there is a thing that can maximize real estate marketing success. This magic tool is video content. A listing with a video gets by 403% more inquiries than one without. Also, 85% of prospects are more willing to work with realtors who offer this type of content. And thanks to 3D visualization technologies, the benefits of real estate video marketing are now available even for agents who deal with unfinished properties. That’s because a digital architectural walkthrough allows for showcasing the future result of construction in photoreal quality before any works start. 

This opens completely new horizons for real estate experts. Eager to know more about it? Let’s find out how 3D animation services help market properties more effectively than ever before!

#1. CGI video allows for showing property from its best side

When ordering 3D walkthrough services, real estate experts fill in a brief. In this document, they indicate scenes and angles to be shown in the CG video. Therefore, it’s up to the realtor what to highlight in the 3D footage. They can make sure that a 3D animation focuses on the main selling points of the house or apartment and does not emphasize its weak sides.

For example, if a residence has a beautifully designed outdoor area, a 3D walkthrough can showcase its advantages in full splendor. Whether it’s a terrace, a balcony, or a garden, it can be shown in a way that teases viewers’ imagination. For instance, a 3D animated walkthrough can show a nicely served family dinner on an outdoor terrace with a sunset in the background. Such a lovely view can significantly influence the prospect’s decision. However, the property can also have weak points. These can be a poor view from windows, low ceilings, etc. Though a CG walkthrough will show every part of the house, CG artists can make sure that the viewer’s attention is not drawn to disadvantages.

#2. CG animation reduces the realtor’s website’s bounce rate

In web analytics, there are metrics that allow measuring a website’s effectiveness. Bounce rate is one of them. It indicates the percentage of sessions during which a user only viewed one page of the website and then just closed it. Bounce rate has an impact on the site’s position in Google search. The lower is this ratio, the better position the website has. For a realty professional, this means that more people will see listings presented on the site. So, how can 3D walkthrough services help here?

If a web page has a regular or animated video, its bounce rate will be 34% lower compared to sites with images and text only. That is because videos and 3D animations are more engaging than other types of content. Also, watching a video about a listing or a real estate company’s services takes longer than looking through a few still images. Therefore, CG walkthrough services can help to trigger visitors’ interest and keep them on the real estate agency’s website.

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#3. Digital walkthrough helps use storytelling

Stories have amazing power. They delight, inspire, surprise, and, most importantly, make people recall their own memories and experience. This way, the audience establishes an emotional connection with a story. This effect is used by marketers in all fields, including real estate. Storytelling can help realtors land their greatest deals. And 3D walkthrough services can assist in it. 

Being actually a short movie, any 3D animation has a scenario. Which should be based on a story that the audience can relate to. The best approach here is to craft a story telling about how living in an offered property can solve problems of the viewers. For instance, CG footage can tell about a family that lived in a small apartment and finally found their dream home in a new cottage complex. Any CGI studio offering 3D architectural walkthrough services has a whole library of elements that help bring such stories to life. These are 3D models of people, animals, plants, vehicles, food, drinks, decor, and plenty of other things. These contextual elements, along with cinematographic techniques, subtitles, music, visual effects, and soundtracks, help to make a story in a 3D animation believable.

#4. CGI walkthrough can show every aspect of a property

When choosing a future home, potential buyers want to learn about every nook and cranny of the place. They want to examine the facade, take a look at the interior of each room, explore the neighborhood, etc. Can realtors somehow communicate all this information at once, without having to write long descriptions and show every view of a house separately? Yes, if they opt for 3D walkthrough services. 

CG video format allows showcasing all the main aspects in a short time and entertaining manner. With 3D animation services, it is easy to provide info on the interior, exterior, and even surroundings within a few minutes. Since a 3D walkthrough shows everything in great detail and photoreal quality, no long explanations will be needed. All in all, both sides will save their time, and potential homeowners will get a full understanding of the property.

#5. Architectural walkthrough sells the price

Oftentimes, prospects have doubts about the price of the house they consider buying. Luckily, there’s a way to prove that it’s worth every penny. With 3D animation services, it’s possible to highlight every selling point of an offer. A CG video can emphasize the beauty of high-class materials and the functionality of smart design, convey comfort and coziness of every room. This way, prospects won’t even think that this place could cost less, and will have no doubts about contacting the realtor. 

3D walkthrough services can drive real estate marketing success, even in the case of selling unfinished properties. A 3D video emphasizes a house or apartment’s benefits and helps take an agent’s website to the top of Google. This tool allows real estate professionals to make use of storytelling and gives detailed information about a home in just a few minutes. As a cherry on the top, a CG walkthrough dispels any doubts buyers have about the price. 

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A CG walkthrough is a digital video made on a computer using special software. It is used to show the future look of a certain place, for example, a house that is currently under construction. A 3D walkthrough can showcase the expected outcome of construction in great detail and photoreal quality.

3D artists start the creation of a CG walkthrough by making plenty of photoreal renderings that show a place from different angles. After that, they “join” these visuals in a particular order to create the illusion of motion.

CG walkthrough services are a game-changer for real estate experts who deal with unfinished properties. These services allow showcasing how a home will look in the future, increasing the potential buyers’ confidence.

For this, a realtor needs to build trust with potential clients in the first place. Then, a realty expert should explain to them the pros of buying an unfinished home. This includes the opportunity to create a unique, custom place, and to have control over the process. To convince them further, an agent should use 3D visualization services. CGI allows showing how a house will look in the future. CG renderings might come in the form of a still image, a 3D floor plan, a virtual tour, a 3D walkthrough, AR or VR presentation.

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