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Architectural walkthrough is a powerful instrument for pre-selling expensive mansions and apartments. Remember how long and carefully you study expensive things you want to buy? Hours and days of reading characteristics, asking friends, watching comparison videos, and looking for reviews on the internet. Same thing with a real estate here. The costly purchase that will be with the owner for a long time will be examined extra-carefully.

And what if there’s nothing to examine but the project? Well, with CGI, it’s easy – the realtor just needs a 3D walkthrough with a 3D animation company. Check out 7 amazing ways animated videos contribute to the real estate business! 

#1. 3D Animation Helps Buyers Feel the Atmosphere

3D architectural walkthrough helps to convey the atmosphere with different effects like weather conditions, birds and animals, sound, and lighting. These will help the prospective buyer connect with the property emotionally and turn the viewing into a real experience. Even though the building exists only in plans on paper, high-quality animation will be able to convey all the details. 

#2. 3D Walkthrough is a Great Content for Vlog

It’s a great idea to create a vlog on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo because of the huge number of people who visit them. Almost 2 billion logged users visit YouTube every month to watch a billion hours of videos every day. It is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. So there’s no chance for high-quality content like architectural walkthrough animation to stay without attention and not to find its audience. 

There should be two types of content on the vlog: the one that entertains or gives useful information, and the one that sells. For a 3D walkthrough to rank well on Google, it is important to mind SEO-optimization: use the main keyword in the video name, add tags, categories, SEO-optimized screens, and a description. To make sure that the animated video is seen by as many people as possible, it is crucial to invest in different types of advertisement like bumpers, pre-rolls, and trueview ads. 

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#3. 3D Walkthrough Can Be Used as Content on Social Networks

SMM it’s a great instrument for selling real estate. It allows to create a community of prospective clients and build trust with them by sharing valuable information, as well as show the latest properties on the listings. With high-quality real estate animation, social networks became just as effective for pre-selling as they are for selling. Now even the property which exists only on paper can have the same benefits as a fully constructed house. 

And there are no doubts about the advantages of using a 3D walkthrough on social media. Brian Peters of Buffers says that video content produces an average of 59% more engagement than any other type of post. Moreover, with the help of one single architectural animation, it’s possible to create a whole campaign: use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube at the same time. All that is needed for success is paid promotion and smart remarketing.

#4. It will Bring Your Presentations to a New Level

3D animation at the presentation helps to overcome the difficulty – the physical absence of the house to show. Moreover, it turns it into an advantage. For the realtor does not sell the house that needs to be restyled or redesigned – but a real dream. This is a brand-new house, professionally designed, comfortable, perfect in every way and meeting all the customer’s needs. 

So 3D architectural cg video helps to immerse potential buyers in his dream: explore the area, appreciate the luxurious golf court, enjoy the proximity to the sea. Then the buyer can go into the house and walk through the rooms – look at the state-of-the-art kitchen, minimalistic decor, smart storage solutions, check out the spacious living room studio with a fireplace, and imagine cozy family evenings there. It won’t be easy to forget such a dream, especially when it’s just 1 click away. 

And if the buyer needs time to think, he can view the architectural walkthrough at home as many times as he wishes – and the movie will continue to work for the realtor. As a result, the client will make a decision, call, and wait impatiently for the house to be ready.

#5. Architectural Walkthrough Simplifies the Demonstration

Showing top-quality 3D architectural walkthrough is a lot easier than relying on tonnes of sketches and plans. Animated videos can help customers find out what materials the house is made of, see the layout of the rooms and even the furniture layout, as well as consider in detail the surroundings of the house, assess the infrastructure and the beauty of the area in general. This way, architectural animation gives the viewer a full understanding of the real estate. It reduces the number of possible questions and allows making the right decision faster.

Photoreal 3D walkthrough is a real estate agents’ ally when it comes to impressing a potential buyer and securing contracts. No matter what marketing materials a realtor needs, the architectural cg video will help to get them right. For it makes excellent content for vlogs, social networks, face-to-face presentations, and increases the chances to pre-sell the property quickly and at a good price.

Want to get yourself a powerful marketing instrument to pre-sell real estate? Give CGIFlythrough some details about your project, get the info about the exact architectural walkthrough cost, and impress your customers with top-quality animation that we’ll create for you! 

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