3D Architectural Animation of a Rural Mansion

Using 3D animation in advertising campaigns is a must for architects who aspire to be sought after. Achieving the latter is not that easy because of the high competition in the architecture industry. Architectural companies need something outstanding to get the best projects and outrun competitors. They have to build a reputation of skilled professionals with a great experience. A surefire way to do that is running a well-thought-out advertising campaign. And creating one is impossible without quality videos. 

As Oberlo.com informs, 54% of people would like to see this type of content from the business they support. Also, videos are the most preferable for followers of social media. So, using this content is beneficial for any business including design and construction companies. Videos can be successfully used in SMM, on a firm’s website, and in many other channels. 

But why not go for live-action videos instead of digital ones? Because 3D animation in advertising for architects has a unique advantage. It can show the expected results of projects that are currently in progress. So, the experts won’t need to wait until the building is finished to showcase their masterpieces in photoreal quality. That is why the usage of 3D animations have already become one of the most powerful architecture marketing trends

So, how exactly 3D videos aid in advertising in the architecture industry? Join us to learn 5 ways CG animations help architects promote their services effectively!

#1. СGI animation showcases both the beauty of designs and the expertise of their author

Animation in advertising allows for showcasing both the splendor of the project itself as well as the unique skills of its creator. 3D videos show all striking architectural solutions of design in detail and motion. What’s more, they demonstrate how the property will look in context. A 3D artist can show the building at different times of the day, seasons, and weather. Also, 3D footage may include contextual lifestyle elements and a soundtrack to better convey the atmosphere of the place. 

Photorealism, great level of detail, and masterful use of post-production techniques do wonders. They help 3D artists create animations highlighting the architectural company’s unique style. Which is a boon for brand recognition.

#2. Architectural 3D animation can be used on specialized digital platforms

Using 3D animation in advertising on online platforms that are popular in the architecture community is a wise move. These websites can be giants like Archdaily, Dezeen, Architectural Digest, New Atlas, etc. Any of them has a few million visitors per month. They publish reviews of the best designs with detailed illustrations and expert commentary. 

Featuring projects in these sources opens wide horizons for architecture advertising. And illustrating them with 3D animations is a great choice. Such a publication displays the project in full splendor and outreaches the impressive amount of readers. This way, the architecture expert gets a good promotion, raises awareness about their company, and gains a high reputation.

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#3. Animation helps architects promote their services through a video blog

With the skyrocketing popularity of video, it would be a mistake for an architect to not take advantage of running a YouTube blog. It can be used by an expert for sharing valuable information related to their professional activity. Which, of course, might include 3D videos of their projects.

Using 3D animation in advertising a firm’s services on YouTube is ultra-useful. The platform’s algorithm will show the company’s content in the ‘recommended’ section of users interested in architecture. It’s a perfect advertising opportunity for an architecture company to engage with the audience. It will increase the number of followers and foster the architect’s popularity. This may help build a whole community of people who are loyal to the company and share the knowledge about it.

What’s more, when followers need architectural services, they’ll naturally think of the firm they’ve been following. And there will be no need to search the Internet for the company’s web page. All the contacts and a link to the firm’s website will be easily found right below its YouTube posts.

#4. CG animation helps establish new business contacts on industry events

Businessman Conducting an Architectural Presentation During an Event

Architects take part in conferences to integrate into the business community and gain new contacts. These are events such as AGC Annual Convention, AIA Conference on Architecture, ACSA International Conference, and so on. Such happenings are useful for exchanging experience and ideas with colleagues. Also, they help with establishing new connections for further business cooperation.

Architectural studios should make use of 3D animation in advertising at industry events. It’s a wise move to make a booth with a large screen showing spectacular 3D videos of the best projects of a firm. It will definitely draw the attention of the event’s visitors. Also, still photorealistic renders from a 3D animation for construction can be used to create high-quality print advertising materials. These can include anything from brochures to large banners. This will help architects shine at conferences and forums, too.

#5. Architects can use CG animation materials in printed advertising

Person Reading Printed Advertising Materials

Many professional media like Dezeen, Dwell, Architects’ Journal, Architectural Digest have printed versions. Which can become a great platform for architects to get promoted on. Such magazines can publish an extensive interview with the specialists and an overview of their projects. This is an opportunity to show the expertise of the architect and impress readers with outstanding visuals.

But how to use dynamic 3D animation in advertising in print media? The secret is to select the best views from 3D footage for a publication. An architectural animation consists of tens of high-res still renders. So, an architect needs to choose the most spectacular ones and use them for an article. This is a way to utilize 3D footage as a source of valuable advertising materials for media that is incompatible with the video format.

Using 3D animation in advertising opens wide horizons for architecture businesses. CG footage allows to show the designs and skills of their creator in full glory and motion. An animated video can be successfully used for advertising on all digital platforms. These include social media and professional sources. Also, 3D animation can help a firm get popular on YouTube and comes in handy at industry events. It even provides stunning visuals for advertising in print media.

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