3D Animation Of A Rural Seaside House

Architects need engaging visual content to promote their services through a website, social media, and ads. And most of all they need videos. The latter is ultra-effective in attracting people’s attention. Stats prove it: when watching videos, users retain 95% of the message, as compared to 10% when reading text, according to Invisia.

But the problem is that getting this type of content is incredibly challenging for architecture specialists. To make catchy videos, they need to shoot the final results of their work ready buildings. But architecture projects develop over months or even years. So, more often than not, architects have nothing more than a messy construction site to shoot. Which does not make for attention-grabbing video content.

So is that a dead-end? Is successful content marketing for architects a ‘mission impossible’? Absolutely not! With CGI animation services, it is possible to get engaging videos even if most of the projects are still under construction. Join us and learn 5 reasons CGI animations are a treasure trove for any architecture content marketing strategy!

#1. CGI animation services allow for updating content regularly

CGI services allow for making beautiful photoreal footage that shows the expected results of the projects under construction. What’s more, 3D movies can showcase properties that exist only on drawings and sketches at the moment! This way, CG architectural animations widen the pool of possibilities, as compared to only shooting projects that have already been built. 

So, with CG videos, there is always enough content to be used across multiple platforms. How to get such an asset? To avail CGI animation services, an architect needs to contact a 3D visualization studio and fill a brief. Then seasoned 3D artists will create a stunning photorealistic CG animation showing the future house in full glory.

#2. CGI services allow making use of storytelling

CGI animation services provide for getting footage of future property that instantly makes the viewers dream to live there. This is possible thanks to the power of storytelling. 3D animation services allow using this tool at full strength. 

How so? The thing is that any CGI animation is actually a short movie, and like any good film, it always has a scenario. A well-thought-out scenario can turn a CG video into a virtual journey intriguing, delightful, and promising. To wow the audience during this journey, 3D artists combine flyover and walkthrough perspectives in the CG footages. Seeing the house from high above and then on eye-level creates an impressive contrast.

What is more, 3D artists can add special contextual elements to the footage. These details help tell a story about life in the future place. These can be 3D models of household items, decor, vehicles, animals, and even people. For instance, a CG animation can show a car pulling up to the garage in the yard. Such a scene will help the audience recall the warm feeling of returning home. This way, they will establish an emotional connection with the presented property.

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#3. CGI animation services allow for unlimited creativity

In CG animations, creativity knows no bounds. Which means that architecture specialists can showcase their future projects in any setting and from any perspective. With the help of CG visualization, it is possible to show close-ups, aerial views, and panning shots of the same property within one footage. Some of these POVs are really difficult to capture with a real camera, while with 3D animation rendering services it can be done much easier.

Also, a CGI animation can show not only the future house itself but include scenes that showcase the surroundings separately. This can help the audience to get the atmosphere of any environment, be it a noisy megacity or a calm forest. On top of that, CG animations often include interesting visual effects such as time-lapse, which allows for witnessing the entire evolution of the project in just a few minutes. Such a creative approach is bound to impress the audience.

#4. CGI services allow for showing designs in any season and time of the day

Many things can hinder the quality of a real-life video. For instance, on the planned day of the shoot, the weather turns out to be bad. This negatively affects the final footage, making it look unattractive. Or, the author of the project might want to show their masterpiece in the specific time of the year. For instance, they might be sure that the house would look the most beautiful bathed in spring sunbeams and fresh greenery. But if it’s fall outside, it will be needed to wait for a few months to bring this idea to life. 

While with CGI animation services, these limitations go out the window. Architecture specialists can ask a 3D rendering studio to display a future building in any season and time of the day. All is needed is to specify the requirements in the brief, and 3D artists will create the needed scenery in a digital space. This way, the architect will get a CG animation where the house is shown in the most appropriate setting, highlighting all the project’s benefits.

#5. CGI animated footage shows architectural designs at their best

It’s a rare case when the initial architectural design remains unchanged. Usually, it transforms significantly in the course of work. For instance, an architect’s clients can ask to use cheaper material for their roofing or walls. A new material might not look as good as one that the architect suggested initially. But as a professional, the architecture specialist must take the client’s wishes into the account. This way, the final result of the construction can look completely different from what the author of the project had in mind. And though the client would be happy with it, the architect would feel regret that it is impossible to bring the initial design to life.

But with CGI animation services, it is absolutely possible. They can help architecture specialists display their design as it was planned in the very beginning. Using sketches and drawings, seasoned 3D artists can recreate the initial design in photorealistic quality. This way,  the architects will be able to add only the best version of their designs to portfolios. 

CGI animation services are a boon for creating engaging content for architects. They allow architecture specialists to update their website and social media platforms regularly, they are a storytelling asset and pave the way for unrestricted creativity. A CG architectural animation also allows for showing designs at any season and displaying only the best version of any project.

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Catherine Paul
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Catherine is a content writer and editor. In her articles, she explains how CGI is transforming the world of architecture and design. Outside of office, she enjoys yoga, travelling, and watching horrors.

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