Photorealistic 3D Animation Of A Skyscraper Apartment

When pitching the home design to potential clients, the architect needs to win their hearts and minds. It is not enough to just show them schematic drawings and give explanations to the figures in the estimate. An architecture expert needs something that can tease the viewers’ imagination, let them get the feel of the place and establish an emotional connection with their future home. Only this way, the presentation can be convincing enough to make the homeowners seal the deal without hesitation. 

But how to achieve this if the building is under construction or does not even exist yet? In such a case, all the architect has for presentation is drawings, sketches, and probably some references. These materials are not enough to easily convince the viewers that the future home is perfect for their needs and wants. Simply because in most cases, the client does not have an architectural background to visualize the future result with the help of drawings.

And here is where residential 3D animation comes in to save the day. If the architect opts for CGI, there will be no problem to convey the idea of the design to clients quickly and clearly. How so? Join us and learn 5 ways in which CGI architectural animation can help clients visualize their future home and make them dream about moving in there right away!

#1. Residential 3D animation helps convey the atmosphere

When it comes to investing in an architectural project, it is hard for a potential client to make a decision based solely on dry figures and schemes. They should also be able to feel the atmosphere and mood of the property and its surroundings to realize if it resonates with them. A residential 3D animation can help them do it.

For this, the architecture specialist should contact a CGI studio, fill in the brief and provide references that give an idea of the required vision. Then, 3D artists will pick the exact combination of post-production effects and elements that precisely reflect the atmosphere of the house and its surroundings. They can masterfully show different weather effects: sunshine, rainbow, snow, clouds, wind, etc. It is also possible to add 3D models of animals and birds — for instance, a cat sleeping on the terrace will add a touch of coziness to the place. Finally, correcting colors, hues, sharpness, adding music and voice-overs to the residential 3D animation will help to fully convey a unique atmosphere of a new inviting home.

#2. CGI architectural animation helps make use of storytelling

Storytelling has become an effective and widely-used tactic in marketing in all industries including architecture. According to Sarah Redohl and Storylab, a single video is worth 1.8 million words. What does this mean for architects then? It means that they should take benefit from the ability of residential animation to tell a story about the future life in a presented dwelling. So, how does it work? 

To tell a story about a house in a CG video, 3D artists add special contextual elements to it. These can be 3D models of vehicles, household items, decor elements, and more. For instance, the audience will see a kid’s room with colorful toys on the floor and a scooter in the corner in the interior scene of a residential 3D animation. These details will help instantly imagine the life of a happy child in this space. Or, they will see a scene showing a stylish bedroom that features an open book on the bed and cosmetics on a dressing table with a mirror. Looking at these elements, the viewers can visualize themselves relaxing or getting ready to go out in this cozy room. This way, the CGI residential animation will evoke their memories and experiences, and they will be able to feel an emotional connection with the project. Which increases chances for a successful deal for an architect. 

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#3. Residential 3D animation helps present the property at its best

CGI architectural animation can display the property in any season or time of day. So, an architect can decide on a specific scenery to effectively highlight the benefits of the house and order the 3D footage accordingly.

For instance, a villa on the seashore would definitely look the most attractive on a sunny summer afternoon, when the sea is calm and the sky is clear. So, the architect would need a 3D animation with such a setting to show the property in the best possible way. In order to obtain such a 3D asset, the architect will have to opt for 3D animation rendering services. The 3D artists will set up the scenes according to the requirements of the architect, which will ensure that the property is being displayed in full splendor.

#4. CGI architectural animation takes the viewer on a journey

Residential 3D animation can transform an ordinary presentation into an exciting journey. It can allow viewers to see a property from a perspective that would be never possible at a regular house showing, not to mention examining drawings. 

For instance, in just a few minutes, the audience can see the building in close-up and aerial views. Such a contrast is bound to impress the viewers. Also, an architect can go for the timelapse format of residential animation. It allows to show the evolution of the property from the moment it was an empty construction site. Such a format excites the audience because it allows seeing how a beautiful modern building is created from scratch. So, with CGI, an architect has multiple options to turn a project pitching into a bright impression for the clients.

#5. Residential 3D animation allows highlighting a property’s benefits

With CGI architectural animation, it is possible to highlight every selling point of the residential property. 3D artists know how to turn the attention of the viewers to the most outstanding benefits of real estate. 

For instance, if the building has sophisticated facade architecture, the CG footage will include extra seconds showing this selling point in a close-up view. Or, if there is gorgeous mahogany flooring in the hall and living room, a residential animation can focus on this feature of the design. Such benefits can be highlighted beautifully by 3D animation and will easily plug into the mind of the viewers. This way, CGI works effectively towards convincing them about investing in the presented property.

Residential 3D animation builds dreams in viewers’ minds to move into a presented property as soon as possible. CG videos convey the perfect atmosphere of the location, tell an engaging story about life in a new dwelling, and help to present it at its best. A CG animation can also take the viewer on an exciting journey and draw the audience’s attention to every single benefit of a house.

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Catherine is a content writer and editor. In her articles, she explains how CGI is transforming the world of architecture and design. Outside of office, she enjoys yoga, travelling, and watching horrors.

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