Architectural Walkthrough for a Skyscraper Apartments

3D architectural animation services are an important tool in an arsenal of any architects they help them communicate their design concepts effortlessly and with style. A high-quality walkthrough can breathe life into any project and even do the impossible – walk a client around his future dream house that is not even built yet. Therefore, when working on large-scale projects, architects use the support of animation studios that help them create photorealistic masterpieces for presentations. However, not all studios are equally equipped for such kind of projects, and a lot of questions arises here. How to find a 3D animation company which will deliver the project in the highest quality?  

The feverish search for solutions on the Internet did not give results – all companies promise perfect 3D architectural animation on time. An architect can waste a lot of time trying to solve these questions instead of starting to work. Well, finding a perfect contractor can be a tough thing. As an animation studio, we know exactly what to ask to get the right answer. So read the list below to find the perfect CGI service provider from the first attempt!

#1. Check the Company’s Background, Experience, and Reviews

There are different types of 3D architectural animation services – 3D walkthroughs, bird views, combinations of the two. Which type does your project need? It’s crucial to know that the potential contractor has already created this exact type of CG videos. 

Once you know the 3D animation provider has relevant experience, it’s time to check the company’s quality of work. The best way to do it is to read client reviews on the company’s web site, facebook page, or special services like Google my Business or Yelp.

#2. Ask about the Projects Scale

Not all companies are capable of taking on massive tasks. Architectural animation services require a lot of resources – specialists, software, render farms. So, if the work is large-scale, it’s important to ask if the company can deliver such a volume. To be on the safe side, check how many 3D artists are working in the company and whether all of them are in-house.

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#3. Enquire about the Guarantees Offered

Companies offering guarantees for work quality and customer service are a good choice. They know that their 3D architectural animation services will be top-notch – because of experienced specialists, managers, smooth working schemes, powerful software, and hardware. Hence the need to ask about guarantees: they are a good sign and mean that the contractor will walk the talk. 

#4. Clarify Payment Process and Schedule

A reliable provider of 3D architectural animation services is bound to have a clear payment process. The studio should give clients a clear vision about how much they should pay, when, and break down the price if needed. Flexibility in relations with a customer is also a good feature. If for some reason, the usual payment method is not suitable for the client, the real estate animation company should offer alternative options that fit the client’s needs. If the contractor can’t offer a few alternative options, his is not the best company to work with. 

#5. Ask About the Process Control and Intermediate Results

It is critical to have an opportunity to contact the team urgently if there is something to fix or change. So a reliable provider of 3D architectural animation services will give a client the possibility to check on the work progress. It can be a series of planned meetings or access to the company’s CRM system, where one can get information about all the changes and stages of work.

So, to find the best company and get top quality 3D architectural animation services, it’s important to inquire first about its experience, resources, guarantees, and payment options. These points will significantly increase your chances of finding the perfect contractor and getting high-quality output.  

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