3D Animation of a Skyscraper at Night

Architectural animation has become a game-changer for architects, developers, and real estate firms. This is a true asset that can lead them to success. 3D architectural walkthrough services help to show how a property will look in the future, even if it exists only on drawings thus far. Photorealistic videos of buildings have the power to bring every detail of the project to life. This way, they assist in impressing potential investors and concluding new deals. Moreover, an architectural 3D walkthrough is a valuable content for a marketing campaign.  Especially when it comes to online advertising.

When architecture & real estate experts get to know about the benefits of CGI animation services, they want to try them out. But at the same time, they often worry that collaboration with 3D video providers will not meet their expectations. As a result, they hesitate about ordering 3D architectural animation services. We’ll dispel all their fears and prove that getting an architectural CG video is totally worth it!

Fear #1. A 3D walkthrough will not be realistic enough

Many prospects are not aware of the full potential of 3D architectural walkthrough services. For this reason, they set their expectations rather low. They think that CGI studios are not capable of depicting a future building in a completely photorealistic way. But this common misconception is easy to rectify.

A good 3D architectural walkthrough company always makes sure that both the main and secondary items in the CG video are recreated realistically and with a high level of detail. CGI artists follow the technical drawings provided by the architect to keep proportions of objects accurate. Also, they carefully set horizontal and vertical axes and align all the objects to them. This way, they prevent distortion of perspective and ‘hanging’ of items in the air. 3D artists also do everything to make sure that the textures and materials in the CG footage match the real ones and that the lighting is set perfectly.

To ensure the highest level of realism, a client can ask a 3D visualization studio to use the match moving technique. It means that the experts combine realistic 3D models of the future building with real footage of the location where it will be constructed. This way, architects can get the most realistic visuals for advertising or design presentation.

Fear #2. The process of creating 3D videos takes too much time

A Client of a 3D Animation Company Checking the Time

Those who consider ordering 3D architectural walkthrough services often worry about the timing. For architects and realty experts, as well as for stakeholders, time is of the essence. They cannot afford to wait for months for a presentation to be complete. And the truth is that they don’t need to!

The best 3D animation companies put the appropriate measures in place to be able to fulfill an order in the shortest terms. A client will never have to wait for ages since the company employs a large number of highly qualified 3D artists. During the process, a CGI firm organizes Skype meetings to talk over all the order details. And to make the workflow even more effective, professional studios use custom-made CRM systems. These online platforms contain up-to-date information about all projects. They can be accessed only by clients and the firm’s employees. And they allow the team and customers to communicate in real time!

Also, experienced 3D animation studios know that having up-to-date equipment is vital. This is the reason they use powerful render farms. They help to speed things up with the 3D video creation services. That is why a professional 3D visualization studio can create a realistic 3D building walkthrough in just a couple of weeks.

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Fear #3. Language barrier will be an obstacle for communication with a project team

Architects Conducting a Video Meeting

How will a client communicate with a 3D visualization team if its members are from another country or even continent? Professional providers of 3D architectural walkthrough services are super-responsible about this. They hire only those workers that have a high level of written and spoken English. Having a fluent knowledge of this language is a must for all project managers and client support specialists of a pro 3D animation studio.

As a result, the communication between managers, 3D artists, and clients goes smoothly. They understand each other well when texting in the CRM system and when speaking via Skype or phone. So, a prospect can be sure that their requirements will be understood comprehensively when they order a 3D house walkthrough.

Fear #4. Cooperation with a 3D studio entails lots of work for a client

Architect Using Laptop for Work

People that have never worked with a CGI provider might think that the creation of an animation walkthrough takes a lot of their time and effort. They have a misconception that the process won’t be completely managed by the rendering company. So, they conclude that they will also have a lot of work to do.

As years have passed, many things have changed in the way CGI studios provide 3D architectural walkthrough services. They understood that they must employ skilled project managers that will take care of all the organizational tasks. These specialists review the assignments, distribute them among 3D artists, make sure that all the deadlines and quality requirements are kept. As for client managers, they are available 24/7 to answer any of the customers’ questions about work progress. That is why getting 3D walkthrough services does not require extra efforts from the customers’ side.

Fear #5. Confidential data may be under risk

A Client of a CGI Firm Signing an NDA

It is common for prospects of 3D rendering firms to worry about confidential information leakage. To make sure that nothing like this ever happens, reliable CGI studios always sign NDA with their customers. This guarantees that none of the created 3D animations or any materials given by a client will be used in the 3D rendering firm`s advertisements or for any other purpose.

However, sometimes architects are okay with the CGI company posting CG videos of their projects on the website or social media account. That is because both parties can benefit from this. By letting the 3D rendering company showcase their works online, architects get free promotion of their services.

When resorting to a professional CGI studio for 3D architectural walkthrough services, one may be certain that there is nothing to worry about. These firms have teams of skilled professionals that know how to create the most realistic video for any architecture design. Seasoned CG artists make sure that clients get the desired results in the shortest period and with as little hassle as possible. Moreover, 3D visualization companies can guarantee that the information provided remains confidential.

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An animated 3D walkthrough is a CG video that shows the future results of an architecture project in photoreal quality and motion. 3D walkthroughs are widely used by architects, developers, and real estate companies.

First, 3D artists create many still photorealistic renders. These images show future architecture design from different angles. Then, they ‘join’ them in a particular order using special software. This way, they create the illusion of movement.

3D walkthrough services allow to showcase the future results of architecture projects in motion and photorealistic quality. CG videos assist architects and real estate experts in creating impressive presentations. Also, it makes for effective promotional materials.

There are three main types of architectural walkthroughs: interior, exterior, and mixed. The first one shows the internal part of the building, the second one shows the external part, and the third one shows both.

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