3D Architecture Video of a White Cottage on a Coast

To build a perfect SMM strategy, an architect needs lots of quality visuals. That is because this type of content is the most effective on any social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, or a specialized platform such as Houzz or Archilovers. Which is no surprise, considering that 65% of people are visual learners, according to Forbes. So, to catch and hold the potential clients’ attention on the social networks, the architect has to make use of visuals to the fullest. These materials must present an expert’s skills in the best light and effectively communicate the benefits of their works. And it is vital to have visuals in different creative formats to keep the audience engaged. But here comes the question: how to get them? 

Getting quality visuals for SMM is often a tough thing for architecture experts. That is because making fancy pics and videos is possible only if the building designed by an architect is finished. But usually many projects are still under construction or exist only on drawings. And often these are the best designs, the ones that the architecture expert would like to showcase most of all.  

In cases like that, a digital 3D animation for construction is the solution. This tool allows for getting high-end visuals of the expected results of a project even if the works are still in progress. A 3D building animation can not only show the future outcome of construction in realistic quality. What’s more, it provides for a variety of visuals in different formats for SMM. Let’s see how exactly CG videos aid architects in building an effective social media marketing strategy!

#1. CGI animation services provide for top-notch long videos

Among all the other visual materials, video is the most effective type of content. The bias towards this kind of presentation is seen clearly among social media users. They are twelve times more likely to share posts with videos than those without. So, it is a great idea for an architecture expert to get a 3D building animation of design and post it on social media profiles. 

CG footage can show the future result of a project in photoreal quality and motion, presenting every selling point in detail. A 3D architecture animation can also feature exciting effects like time-lapse, showing the building in different seasons and times of the day or the process of construction. This will definitely wow the followers and make them press “like” and “share” buttons.

#2. CGI allows for creating a short 3D building animation

Sharing a long video is a great option but it probably will not work for every single follower of an architect’s social media page. That is related to the fact that the average length of a person’s attention span is only eight seconds. Studies further show that this number keeps reducing at a whopping 88% every year. This means that most of the people are unlikely to watch videos that appear too long. 

With this in mind, for a CG building animation to push the marketing agenda, an architect should make it short and to the point. The best way to do this is to share 3D videos of not more than ten seconds. They should show the most impressive aspects of the building. It is a good idea to share several of such highlight movies. If a person likes one short video, they are likely to go on and watch the next one. So, an architecture professional can get one long 3D building animation to attract those who need detailed information and also extract several short clips out of the main one.

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#3. CG footage can be used for making slideshows

Using slideshows is another effective strategy in social media marketing. Architects can use this type of content on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where they can share them on the timeline or in stories. 

Though slideshows are made of still images, a 3D building animation can be of great help in making one. For this, it is needed to choose the best frames from the 3D architectural video presentation. Then one should combine them into a slideshow using the functions of a social media platform itself, like in Facebook, or with the help of one of the special apps. As simple as that!

#4. A 3D animation of a building helps make catchy GIFs

GIFs play to the short concentration span of Internet users. These animated images can evoke strong emotions in people, and they are, therefore, ideal for SMM. Research has found that a social media post that contains GIFs attracts up to 20% more engagement than those without. The same source reports that on Twitter, adverts with a GIF receive a whopping 167% more clicks than those with ordinary images! 

Such visuals may be easily generated from a 3D building animation of a project using special apps. While GIFs by their very nature are too short to give a comprehensive understanding of building design, they can attract the attention of prospective customers to the architect’s page where they can then access further information.

#5. CG movies can become a source of impressive still visuals

3D Architecture Video of a Gorgeous Hotel

An architect can use a 3D building animation to fill social media pages with beautiful pictures. The thing is that a 3D video is made of many still images, like a cartoon. So, an architecture expert can ask their CGI studio to send these pictures of just make screenshots of 3D footage. 

These images can be used for illustrating projects and any other kind of info that an architect posts on social networks. For instance, an architecture professional decides to share with the audience some recommendations on how to plan a kitchen layout. And here a 3D video can come in handy. If a 3D building animation of an expert’s project includes scenes with a modern, fully-equipped kitchen, they can make screenshots and illustrate given advice. It is much more useful than using random pics from photo stocks because with pictures extracted out from a 3D animation the architect shows the visuals of their own work. This proves the professional’s competence, which raises their profile in the eyes of potential clients.

3D building animation helps architects strengthen their SMM strategy in various ways. It allows for the creation of long detailed videos of projects even before construction has been completed. Short clips of vital aspects of the design can then be extracted from the longer versions and be used to draw and hold the prospects’ attention. A CG building animation can help in the production of slideshows and GIFs that work perfectly in any social media. An architect can also get catchy still images from 3D animated demonstrations and use them to engage with potential clients. 

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