3D Animation of an Exterior House Terrace

A 3D animation design company can help architects get top-notch materials for presentations and marketing campaigns. It provides CG videos that show the expected look of the future buildings in photoreal quality. With such assets, it is possible to wow the audience and sway them to seal the deal with the author of the design. So, there is no surprise that more and more architects opt for CGI architectural animation services. But oftentimes, when architecture experts consider ordering a CG video, they are concerned about the timing. 

That is because making a top-notch 3D animation is a comprehensive work. It includes filling in the brief, waiting until a company makes a quote, discussing the project details with the team, reviewing intermediate results, introducing amendments, and so on. This sounds like an undertaking that will last for ages. So, an architect might doubt if ordering services of a 3D animation design company is the right choice. What if work will take a few months? The clients or stakeholders just won’t wait for so long, and will probably choose another candidate before the 3D demonstration is ready. So, should architecture professionals abandon the idea of ordering CGI services and present their work in the traditional way, with drawings and sketches?

Absolutely not! If architects orders a 3D video at CGIflythrough animation design company, they can get their perfect 3D presentation in just a few weeks. But how is it possible, considering that making CG footage requires so much work? Today we explain what exactly allows our company to deliver a high-end 3D architectural animation in the shortest terms!

#1. A Large Team of Skilled 3D Artists

3D Animation Design Company Specialists Working Together

The demand for 3D architecture videos keeps rising as now many architects consider them as a crucial part of their presentations and marketing materials. This, in turn, means that a good 3D animation design company always has many orders. Owing to an influx of clients and the fact that creating a 3D demonstration is quite a complicated process, prospects may fear that they will have to wait in a queue until a 3D specialist in a studio can start their project. 

Those architects, realtors, and developers who choose CGIflythrough animation design company do not face this problem. That is because our firm has a strong team of 36 senior CGI artists who work together to eliminate queues. Which means that when we receive a new brief, there is always a seasoned 3D specialist available and ready to take the task. 

What’s more, our studio has an effective management system that allows making cost estimates for 3D animation design within 1 day. So, our clients don’t have to wait long for a quote.

#2. Powerful Technology

3D Artist Using a Professional Workstation

Making 3D animated videos is extremely resource-intensive and requires the most powerful and up-to-date equipment. That is because CG footage consists of tens of still images that have to be rendered and then united into a video using special software. So, if a 3D animation design services provider has not enough or too weak computers, it can slow down the workflow and ruin the deadline.

But it is not the case with CGIflythrough. To optimize and quicken modeling and rendering processes required for CG videos, we have a powerful render farm. It is a cluster in which many computers are connected to become nodes in one network. Such a system helps greatly in speeding up the creation of a 3D animation. So, how it works? The scope of rendering work can be shared between different computers, and each of them renders a different part of the project. The CGIflythrough’s farm has forty nodes, which ensures that 3D demonstration can be completed at the earliest possible time.

To optimize the process further, some artists in our 3D animation design company also use powerful video cards such as RTX 2080ti for rendering. It helps to deliver high-quality CG footage in the shortest terms, too.

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#3. A CRM System

How CRM Service Works

Customer Relationship Management is an online platform that a CGI firm uses to manage its interactions with active and prospective customers. CRM is very important in the workflow of our 3D animation design company. It allows streamlining communication on every task and keeping all the details in order.

Using a custom-made CRM, the CGIflythrough company effectively organizes all the aspects of the working process. The system ensures that all the information on the project is appropriately filed and can be easily retrieved. In the CRM, our customers can get regular updates from the design team, suggest corrections, review intermediate results, and make payments when the work is over.

Access to our CRM system is limited. It can be accessed only by our clients and workers. Another advantage of the system is that it is has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

#4. Seasoned Project Managers

Project Managers Providing Customer Support

A 3D animation design company can experience delays if 3D artists have to take time out to communicate with clients and do other administrative work. CGIflythrough has taken care of this possible bottleneck by employing and training project managers.

Our PMs ensure that the information a 3D artist receives is well-organized. Therefore, 3D professionals don’t have to spend time trying to sort out the project details. Also, PMs know the artists well and always choose the one who is the best skilled for the task in question and have relative experience. Besides the above, PMs ensure that the client is well apprised on progress by sending and discussing the updates on the project. They also carefully review the quality of work and take care of the deadlines.

#5. Regular Online Meetings with Clients

People Attending an Online Meeting

At our 3D animation design company, the whole team discusses every stage of the project and intermediate results with clients on Skype online meetings. It helps 3D artists and PMs stay on the same page with customers, making the workflow smooth and quick. In these meetings, clients can request for corrections before the project progresses too far past the point where the changes can be made easily.

Online discussions are also necessary because oftentimes clients are based too far away to attend physical sessions. What’s more, this kind of communication helps essential workers, especially 3D artists, be a part of the meeting without leaving their work stations for too long. Our company has conference rooms with all the necessary equipment available to make Skype meetings effective and easy to set up. 

CGIflythrough can deliver a perfect architecture 3D animation in a few weeks because we have put the appropriate measures in place. They include employing a large number of highly skilled 3D artists and procuring powerful high-tech equipment. The 3D animation design company has also implemented an effective CRM system. It allows customers to share feedback and communicate with the team throughout the process. Well-trained and experienced project managers handle the administrative side of work, releasing artists to focus on 3D design. Also, CGIflythrough regularly organizes online meetings with clients via Skype to discuss all the issues that might arise. 

Searching for a 3D animation company that will quickly deliver high-quality architecture CG videos? We hope that the information above proves why CGIflythrough is the firm you’ve been looking for. Contact us for professional 3D animation design services and enjoy the outcome!

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