A CG Flythrough Animation of Urban Landscape

An architectural presentation must impress and emotionally engage the audience. It is a surefire way to successfully pitch the design. As a professional 3D animation services studio that helps architects prepare for presentations, we know that for sure.

There are a lot of methods up our sleeve to make 3D visuals that amaze the viewers. And showcasing the future house from a bird’s eye in a photorealistic animation is one of the best ones. 3D flyover services offer a new winning approach that allows for swaying clients and investors at an architecture presentation. How so? Let’s find out!

#1. CG flyover movies allow for seeing infrastructure in detail

3D flyover services make it possible to see the planned building and everything around it from high above. For viewers, it feels like looking at a moving realistic 3D map of a future location. When observing the whole scene from such a perspective, it’s easy to view infrastructure around the building. Which is beneficial for any kind of project presented. 

Let’s say an architect is presenting a project of a residential complex. In this case, it will be needed to show that there’s everything required for a comfortable living. The audience will appreciate seeing that there will be a cozy inner yard, that the nearest store or a shopping mall is within easy reach, a noisy nightclub or a stadium is distant enough, etc. 3D flyover animation clarifies all these nuances with ease.

#2. Digital flythrough shows the beauty of nature around

If a house will be built in a picturesque area with beautiful nature, it’s reasonable to demonstrate it in all its glory. And 3D flyover services offer the best way to do that. When the viewers see the nearby mountains, lakes, fields, or woods from above, they can experience the place’s beauty to the fullest, perceiving it as a complete picture. This enhances the viewers’ impressions and plays into the architects’ hands. Because the more charmed clients are by the project, the more likely they will be to sign the contract with the architecture specialist.

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#3. CG flyover makes it possible to showcase projects in real surroundings

When looking at drawings, the viewers find it hard to imagine the building itself, not to mention visualizing how it would look in the expected location. But with 3D flyover services, they do not have to rely on imagination anymore. How so?

Skilled 3D artists can overlay a digital model of the future house onto drone footage shot above the actual construction area. This way, they will create an absolutely realistic flyover 3D video that shows the building in its real surroundings. To refine the scene, 3D animation specialists can add various post-production effects. With such a 3D architecture video, the audience will see the future building within its expected context in the most realistic way possible.

#4. CG flythrough gives the audience a uniquely memorable experience

Emotions sell better than figures, and 3D aerial videos allow for taking benefit from this fact. 3D flyover services allow for bringing unusual and memorable impressions to the viewers. Watching an aerial 3D movie feels like taking a virtual flight above the demonstrated scene. With 3D flyover services, the audience can get the feeling of flying in a helicopter or an air balloon above the urban landscape with its ultra-modern skyscrapers, amazing nature scenery with its green fields and woods, or any other type of location. This way, the clients will not only see the result of construction that is yet to be started but will view it from an angle that is usually unavailable to the human eye. Isn’t it fascinating?

#5. CG flyover shows a building as an integral part of the locality

3D flyover video is able to showcase a holistic picture of how the newly-built object will look and function within its surroundings. 3D aerial animation can show how harmoniously the house will fit its environment and whether it will look a natural part of it. This way, 3D flyover services provide a complete understanding of the architectural project. With an aerial CG video, the viewers perceive the dwelling not as a separate object but understand how it will be integrated into the life of the surrounding area.

3D flyover services enhance architecture presentations. With CGI, it is possible to demonstrate infrastructure and nature scenery around the future development. A GC flythrough movie allows for seeing the object in its real environment before the construction even starts. Also, flyover 3D films give bright emotions to the audience and show the future house as an organic part of the locality.

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