3D Animation of a Summer Residence

3D architecture video has become a revolutionary tool for specialists associated with construction and selling buildings. From luxury real estate marketing to residential and commercial projects development, 3D animation has become a staple of quality and efficiency. “But is it truly that groundbreaking?”, some wonder. After all, static CGI has many uses for property marketing, while animation takes longer to make and is more expensive. To answer that question, let’s explore how 3D architecture videos have changed the industry.

#1. Marketing

When it comes to marketing architecture projects today, they need to be sold before they are constructed. An impossible task without 3D visualization! But while static CGI accomplishes showcasing buildings that exist as blueprints and sketches, nothing beats a 3D architecture video in terms of presentation. Sure, static shots look presentable for both investors and potential clients, but going on a virtual tour through the future building is much more impressive. Not to mention that 3D animation attracts more attention, which a very useful feature for social media and site ads. And don’t forget – construction hasn’t started yet. It would be fair to say that 3D architecture videos not just adhere to modern marketing standards, they set them!

#2. Construction

As for construction itself, a 3D architecture video can’t build stuff, obviously, but it can help with workflow. Wait, one might ask, isn’t regular 3D visualization used for that? That is true. However, 3D animation paints a more vivid picture of a project. A 3D architecture video can dynamically showcase construction stages, which is a great way to provide progress reports for clients and good briefing material for specialists on site. Two important tasks accomplished with one tool, a neat improvement for any respective business. And, obviously, resulting media can be used in video marketing for architects and construction companies: portfolios, presentations and ads.

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#3. Pitching Projects

But wait, construction can’t start just yet. Building materials and builders don’t appear out of thin air, so gaining investors is a primary goal of every residential or commercial project. Usually it’s done via presentations, and 3D architecture videos provide a number of advantages for pitching projects. First, animation makes raw data such as blueprints and information about materials less boring to process, making presentations both informative and entertaining. Second, videos may include cinematographe techniques such as dramatic POVs, contextual elements such as people interacting with the building, impressive special effects and lighting to give a lasting impression on the viewer. Finally, 3D architecture videos excel at proving viability of investments, regardless of difficulty, type and role of the future building. 

#4. Selling Completed Projects

All that was mentioned previously related mostly to selling properties that aren’t built, but 3D architecture videos can help realtors as well. When it’s a matter of what does the job better, live-action and CGI are evenly matched. However, there are cases in which animation is the only viable option. First is a scenario in which a building is situated in a remote location, making the video shooting simply too expensive. Photoreal 3D architecture video does not require traveling anywhere and will look just as awesome.

The second case is more common. Some properties for sale just aren’t furnished or their current interior design looks unappealing. CG architectural videos can show them virtually staged, with furniture, decor and contextual elements like people and cars. A real eye-candy – and a dream, begging to come true! 

And to top it off, CGI offers more optimal workflow and pricing. Sure, 3D animation varies in quality, but top-tier projects are on average cheaper than live-action, and can be made within a few weeks, depending on length and complexity. And project managers can always help out with revising the script, reducing production time and costs without sacrificing quality.

And this is how 3D architecture videos have changed the way architecture-related businesses are run, both the construction and marketing aspects. Keeping that in mind, static CGI is also fit for those goals, is cheaper and faster to make, making it overall a more versatile option for architects and realtors. But if you want to make your commercial or residential properties more marketable for investors and customers, you will need high-quality 3D animation for that. Contact our 3D animation company for high-impact visual materials! We will make sure they take your clients’ breath away.

Catherine Paul
Content Writer, Editor

Catherine is a content writer and editor. In her articles, she explains how CGI is transforming the world of architecture and design. Outside of office, she enjoys yoga, travelling, and watching horrors.

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