3D Animated Walkthrough Of A Rural Mansion

Selling a luxury house or apartment is a challenge that requires the realtor to have excellent skills and expertise. It is much harder than with ordinary listings. In the case of presenting a top-class home, an estate agent has to convince wealthy and very picky clients to invest probably a few million dollars. So, a realtor must be very convincing at a presentation.

The task becomes especially challenging when the house in question is still under construction or exists only on drawings at the moment. In this case, a realtor cannot take potential buyers to a home showing and doesn’t even have fancy photos and videos of a property. So, this way, sellers can lose a deal with a prospective client just because they could not showcase all the benefits of a future luxury house clearly.

Luckily, a 3D architectural video presentation can help the real estate agent to make a powerful impression even if the construction is not finished yet. This tool helps sway the pickiest prospects easier than ever before. Join us and learn 5 reasons why a 3D walkthrough presentation is a game-changer when it comes to selling luxury homes!

#1. A 3D animation highlights the benefits of high-end properties

The marketing of luxury real estate is all about highlighting the things that are unique about its design. A successful seller must clearly show what makes the house special and ideal for a client. But how does one make this distinction when the building is still under construction or just on paper?  Even the most gifted realtor would find it difficult to explain the advantages of a building verbally so that the client gets a clear picture of them. To do this, an agent needs a powerful aid. 

This is where a 3D walkthrough presentation comes in. This tool can demonstrate and emphasize every selling point. For example, it can show the high-end materials that will be used in the construction. Marble floors, cedarwood wall finishings, roof covered with copper shingles a 3D video can demonstrate these and any other quality material in detail and photoreal quality. A CG walkthrough can also highlight the sophisticated architectural details of the design. For instance, if the agent wants to draw the audience’s attention to the gorgeous grand staircase inside the house, a 3D video can show it in a close-up view.  In such a way, a prospect will not miss any benefit of an offered design and will see what makes the property stand out. 

#2. A 3D walkthrough presentation shows the neighborhood

Homeowners prefer a neighborhood that offers all the comforts they are used to, and luxury real estate marketing professionals know it. So, they understand that it is vital to explain what amenities will be within easy reach if the clients buy a home. 

Naturally, those who consider buying luxury properties expect a lot from the neighborhood. They want to know if there are elite grocery stores to buy quality food, top-class gyms to work out, high-end restaurants to eat out and socialize with others in their circle, and so on.  

Of course, a realtor can describe the benefits and show pictures or a map of the surroundings but a 3D walkthrough presentation can help go further. It can showcase the future dwelling in the context so the viewers will see all the amenities around the property. A 3D video can include panoramic and aerial views of the surroundings so the potential buyers will be able to see all benefits the area has to offer in realistic quality and motion. This would make the presentation informative and impressive, thus increasing the chances of the agent to close the sale.

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#3. A 3D video presentation tells about the lifestyle the dwellers will have in a property

When buying a home, people are usually more interested in understanding how the dwelling will enhance their lifestyle than just learning about the features of the property. They want to know if they can have a life of their dreams in this place. And A 3D walkthrough presentation is perfect for showing potential buyers that living in their future dwelling will be a pure delight. 

That is because a 3D video can feature contextual elements that convey the atmosphere of the house and tell about a lifestyle the owners will have there. Such details can be furniture, vehicles, food, drinks, figures of people, and any other elements. Professional CGI animation studios have vast libraries of 3D models that allow bringing any scenario to life. 

The agent needs to acquire as much information about the client’s lifestyle as possible to make the most of the 3D videos. Such information would then enable the 3D artist to create scenes that the potential client will relate to. Let’s say an agent aims to sell a luxury home to a young couple that has a lot of friends and loves partying. In such a case, it is reasonable to order a 3D walkthrough that depicts not only the benefits of a building but also features a scene showing a group of merry good-looking people having a party by the pool in the yard. When prospective buyers see such a 3D animation, they will instantly feel that this place is what they`ve been looking for.

#4. A 3D walkthrough shows smart hi-tech features and explains their functions

The comfort of modern luxury homes is largely dependent on intelligent devices. These smart, hi-tech features can be used to easily control lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, kitchen equipment, etc. A smart home system can do wonders for the comfort of a dweller`s life. For instance, it can automatically turn on the favorite music in the morning, regulate the temperature of water in the pool, and so on. 

A 3D walkthrough presentation can show such hi-tech features in action. When the house with a smart home system is being presented in still images, all one can see is a control panel. While a 3D walkthrough goes a step further. For instance, it can show a person entering instructions into the panel. This part of the video can then zoom in to see exactly how commands are given. Another frame in the CG footage can show the effects: for example, showcase lights going on or off or getting dimmed, etc. This way, the viewers will easily understand how smart home features will make their life in this dwelling comfortable and enjoyable.

#5. A 3D animation presents the property in the best conditions possible

Often, a luxury home looks best in a particular season. For instance, a waterfront villa will surely look great on a summer day but loses a part of its charm in a winter setting. Unfortunately, time is also of the essence when trying to close a deal and waiting for months to show the property in the best conditions may not be an option.  

With a 3D walkthrough presentation, a realtor does not have to wait for the perfect season to shoot a video of high-end real estate. Skilled 3D artists can digitally create a required setting and show a house in it in the CG footage. This means that the potential client always sees the property at its best in a 3D presentation. Which helps a realtor to land a deal successfully. 

A 3D walkthrough presentation is a boon for any real estate agent who sells luxury homes. A 3D animation shows the place’s selling points and also the benefits of the neighborhood in which the house is located. In a 3D walkthrough presentation, a realtor can demonstrate clients the lifestyle they are likely to enjoy when they occupy the home. Beyond the above advantages, 3D animations enable real estate agents to show their potential buyers how hi-tech gadgets in the house work. With CG videos, a seller is also equipped to always show the property in the best light possible.

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