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Luxury real estate marketing is a challenging thing as Realtor get paid for the performance and results delivered. The difficulty lies not in the sale of real estate but in finding the client who buys it. 

There are hundreds and thousands of links to agents and companies who can not be distinguished from each other. They are all the same and use similar approaches, patterns, and phrases to attract attention. It all merges into an ocean of information noise that engulfs even the most amazing deals by makes prospects sort of blind to them. 

 So, how to stand out? Should one use only the best 3D architectural animation services, drones, hire top photographers, or are there any other ways to boost the marketing? The only way is to find a non-standard approach and not to copy competitors in anything. 

Want to know what exactly to do in order to stand out and attract the attention of even the most demanding customers? Read up and find out 7 secrets of luxury real estate marketing that will bring you success!

#1. Knowing the Ideal Buyer

An advertising campaign begins with a clear understanding of who your audience is. Only then can a unique offer be developed and great advertising texts created. Otherwise, the campaign will have no basis. Even the most amazing offers will not find a buyer on their own.

Knowing who the client is, a Realtor can understand where to look for him: in which social networks, blogs, forums. This will help to set up the targeting as well. Moreover, after analyzing the image and behavior of an ideal client, the Realtor will be able to understand the buyer’s problems associated with finding the right house. Most importantly, it will be easier to define the buyer’s goals for the real estate deal. Does he want to buy a gorgeous villa to rent out? Or is he looking for a fortress for his family, where several generations could live?

A customer avatar can be created based on existing clients. It is important to ask about gender, age, interests, habits, work, income, hobbies, friends, the family status of the most profitable ones. It will help to understand the customer journey. Where does a perfect client look for housing? What are his main reasons to buy real estate – family or desire to invest and earn? Based on this data, it will be possible to create advertising and sales materials, get plenty of calls, and conduct showings after showings. Best of all, the excitement around the property helps to get a good price – a worthy reward to one’s luxury real estate marketing efforts. 

#2. Investing in Advertising

First of all, a Real Estate Agent needs to pick the advertising channels based on where clients can be found. So if they read magazines about golf, yachts, traveling, or luxury cars, it’s crucial to place the ads there. 

A great way to reach out to prospects is email marketing. By investing in constant communication with customers, one can stay connected with potential clients on different stages of the buyer journey, and always be top-of-mind. 

Moreover, email marketing is a sure way to stand out, since many Real Estate Agents think it’s too time- and effort-consuming. They see no sense in segmenting prospects, developing a strategy for each type, creating professional content, possibly hiring someone for these tasks. However, these campaigns come handy many times and inevitably bring new clients – which makes email a promising channel to include in luxury real estate marketing efforts. 

Next valuable advertising channel is social media. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo have 2 major advantages. First, a real estate brand can build a community of potential customers there, and second – these networks offer targeted ad campaigns. The latter can be displayed to those users that correspond to preset criteria, which is budget-friendly, while the ads themselves can be split-tested and changed.

To build a loyal community, regular posting is needed. The information should be of value to the target audience and visual materials – top quality only. Which calls for professional photoshoots for properties. If the real estate is under construction or located too far away, then 3D rendering is a simple and sure solution. 

As luxury real estate marketing should focus on the lifestyle, storytelling is a must for social media advertising. And what can tell stories better than videos? Such content is way more engaging than any other alternative, and besides, Facebook privileges video posts. For those Real Estate Agents who specialize in pre-selling, 3D animations will provide the desired results.

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#3. Creating an Experience

Luxury real estate marketing requires high-end experience on every step of the customer journey is needed. Starting with the very first interaction, the buyer should understand that the brand is specialized in high-end property. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze the customer journey and make sure that at every stage, the real estate brand will produce the right impression. Facebook ad the visitor clicks on, the landing page to which it leads him, the listings, the application forms – everything must be impeccable and unmistakably upmarket. Which calls for professional graphic design, visual materials, and copywriting. 

The next step would be to catch the prospect’s interest. The best way to do that is to let him experience the luxury property online – and the usual “pictures plus description” approach won’t cut it. Instead, the Real Estate Agent should deliver a feast to the viewer’s eyes and possibly senses – with the power of an architectural walkthrough. Thus, the prospect can not only see the layout of the house but also walk around, examine all the details, and realize that this is a deal not to miss.

#4. Complying with the Luxury Real Estate Market Trends

Market trends help to understand what customers expect from an upmarket property. In 2020, for example, it’s all about the technological houses. The prospective buyers are looking for homes with smart appliances, such as refrigerators capable of ordering foods through Wi-fi, smart lighting systems controlled by voice, digital showers with music and lights, and so on.

If the property has even any of these amazing features, a Real Estate Agent should reflect this in advertising materials and emphasize during the sale. Moreover, if the luxury dwelling is just being designed, it’s paramount to take these trends into account. For all these features can be easily shown with the help of 3D animation, which can be further used both online and offline luxury real estate marketing efforts. As a result, selling the property will be a piece of cake!

#5. Maintaining a Blog

A high-quality blog never fails to bring a profit. Which is a small surprise, for what other means of luxury real estate marketing can do a million things? A blog helps to show a Realtor’s expertise, attract traffic to the site with SEO, is a source of topics for social media posts, ads, and white papers. Not to mention, it helps collect emails from potential buyers in exchange for a subscription. To benefit from all these perks, the Real Estate Agent needs to fill the blog with content that brings value to the readers. 

An analysis of the target audience and successful competitors will help to understand what topics will bring the right people to the blog. As an example, these can be case studies about closed deals, information on the luxury real estate market trends, as well as various guides – on how to choose the waterfront property, for instance. 

Keeping up with the market trends allows getting a deeper understanding of the target audience and therefore sell faster, easier, as well as stay ahead of the competition. The 5 secrets above work best when they are applied together, as a thought-out strategy. To understand the profitability of each effort, it’s crucial to measure its success and see if there’s room for improvement. 

At every stage of the luxury real estate marketing funnel, the Realtor needs high-class visual materials. To get top-notch 3D animation, contact CGIFlythrough. We will provide you with spectacular CGI that will impress even the most demanding prospects! You can start by learning your architectural walkthrough cost.

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  1. Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders says:

    I like what you said about looking into the marketing trends for luxury real estate to help you sell. My sister has been telling me about how she wants to sell her home in the coming months. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for professionals who can help her with this.

  2. Louie
    Louie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing a great article. Marketing a lux property is an art that needs both theory and practice

  3. Max
    Max says:

    That’s actually a good article. Marketing upmarket properties requires respect to your clients. A good detailed presentation is that mark of respect too. You show prospective buyers that you care

  4. Katina
    Katina says:

    It gives actionable steps for selling a luxury home that is reasonably helpful. Thanks for sharing these ideas, information, and tips. God bless your business!


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