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Developing an architecture marketing strategy is not an easy undertaking. The nature of the architects’ work makes the process of converting leads into clients long and winding. The strategy needs to be thought through carefully, putting into consideration all the distinctive features of an architect’s business. Showcasing ready projects, even the most brilliant ones, isn’t all there is to market an architectural firm. The process also involves educating prospects, answering their questions, often for free, and generally building a strong relationship with them over time. So, how to do it properly? Join us and learn 5 effective tips on how to market an architecture firm with success!

#1. Use a Complex Approach

How To Market An Architecture Firm With Multitasking

So, how to market an architecture firm? The right marketing strategy for architects implies using a complex approach. Architects should begin with reviewing the current successes and failures in marketing efforts. After the initial evaluation, they should proceed to outlining the available strategies for improvement. It is a good idea to note down all ideas carefully and keep them in order. This way, it will be a well-structured plan. These are three vital aspects of a complex marketing approach for an architecture company.

Optimize the website of a firm

An assessment of the current situation can begin with checking the effectiveness of the company’s website. The firm can learn statistics of its site from Google analytics. This tool can help to find out how many people visit the webpage, where do they come from, and how long do they stay on a page. Also, it helps to learn which keywords lead people to the website. The latter will help to tailor the content to suit the interests of those who visit the page and thus increase the flow of leads. Also, architects should regularly add high-quality images and videos to online portfolios, and make sure that a site’s design is simple, user-friendly, and eye-pleasing.

Make use of SMM

Another important thing is establishing a strong online presence outside the website. The firm should have regularly updated profiles in popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz. This will help make sure that the firm reaches out to as many prospects as possible.

Start using a CRM system

At first glance, the relation between Customer Relationship Management software and marketing is not obvious. But in fact, CRM can help to market an architecture firm greatly. How so? A CRM system collects all information about the customer journey in one place. It keeps conversation logs, payment history, project documentation, etc. This data can help architects better understand the needs and problems of their clients, and adjust their marketing campaign accordingly. Using CRM, firms can improve customer services, which, in return, increase sales. So, anyone wondering how to market an architecture firm should consider this advice.

#2. Share Valuable Information

An Architect Using A Blog To Spread The Word About Her Company

Our guide on how to market an architecture firm would be incomplete without this tip. By sharing valuable information, a firm establishes itself as a dependable expert in different aspects of designing, building, and construction management. Which helps to maintain a high reputation. And when a company is an acknowledged authority, it generates leads and turns them into clients easier and faster.

So, where to share useful information? An architectural firm should maintain a regularly updated blog on its website and share articles from it on different thematic sources. Architecture firms should take care to ensure their blogs anticipate possible questions from readers and answer them. People who read an article may not be ready to order services immediately, as some of them are still considering their options. But the more useful information they will get from a firm, the more trust they will have for it. And in the future, when they need an architect’s services, they will be more likely to choose this company.

Besides providing interesting content for readers, blogs boost the promotional effort by improving the SEO ranking for the firm’s website. Copywriters should include relevant keywords to the texts to achieve this end. 

One more important point is that an architecture company’s blog should request readers to subscribe. From these subscriptions, the firm can then have a list of emails through which they can reach an interested audience. Subscribers, who are potential customers, can then be persuaded to watch the company’s sales video, read their brochures, and so on. All these are ways to market an architecture firm that spin-off from having a blog.

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#3. Identify a Firm’s Niche

Businessman Finding A Marketing Niche For His Company

Positioning a company as an expert in a particular field is one more useful tip on how to market an architecture firm. If firms claim that they are good at everything, a prospect might doubt their reliability. While positioning architects as professionals in a particular field looks more trustworthy and also helps attract more engaged clients who are interested in specific projects. So, it is better to identify one niche market or a few of them and then develop a marketing strategy accordingly. 

It can be anything from luxury homes to budget houses or commercial buildings. A company can divide its portfolio into a few sections and fill each of them with the visuals of the completed works. If most of the projects are still in progress, a firm should opt for CGI animation services and get high-quality CG videos showing the expected outcome of the construction. 

#4. Think Long-Term

Manager Thinking Of Long-Term Goals For Her Company

Building a home or a commercial building is a massive undertaking with many ramifications. A potential client might take months or even years to come to a decision to start such a project. For an architect to have a constant flow of work, therefore, they need always to be communicating with prospects at different stages of the funnel.

It is also needed to remember that determining how to market an architecture firm takes a different approach from sales in an FMCG environment. It takes time to win clients in the industry. Therefore, it demands patience. One of the reasons why it would be unwise for an architect to rush a client is the nature of the job. People expect architects to be serious and consummate professionals. Begging for work or appearing to push customers to commit to deals, therefore, doesn’t correspond to that expectation.

With the above in mind, an architectural firm should find their ways to build a long-term relationship with their potential customers. So, how to do this? Apart from sharing valuable insights through a blog, a firm’s representatives should participate in thematic events and get published. Taking part in conferences and expos will provide them with a pool of new contacts and connections with people who may someday need the firm’s services. And getting published in print magazines and newspapers will help to reach out to and attract even more audiences. For example, a publication can be an interview with an architect about their past and upcoming projects as well as about their personality and life views. It will surely help to maintain a reputation and build trust with readers.

#5. Show Organizational Processes of an Architecture Firm

Project Team Organizing Architecture Work

There is nowhere that the answer to the question of how to market an architecture firm is answered more than here. The outcome of an architectural firm’s work comes as a result of the processes the company puts in place. A firm’s efficiency in delivering on a project is also a product of organizational culture. So, clients often gain more confidence in a company if they understand its inner workings.   

It may be useful to show and explain how designs are created, and how they are approved. Does the company have a panel of architecture experts assigned to help a project’s lead architect brainstorm? What measures does the firm have in place to resolve conflicts? Showing all these processes build the confidence of customers in the firm’s abilities to do its job well. Inner workings and culture can be explained to prospects through pictures and videos of crucial staff members at work. These materials can be shared on a firm’s website and social media pages.

We’ve presented you with a summary of our best advice on how to market an architecture firm. So, architects should use a complex approach to marketing, and set long-term goals. They should also position themselves as experts in a particular field, share valuable information, and show not only the results of work but inner processes as well. 

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