3D Animation of a Gorgeous Residence

Architectural design animation is a tool that makes pre-selling just as effective as selling. It gives a Realtor the same possibilities to get high-quality marketing materials that will attract buyers’ attention and help them see the full potential of a property.

Advertising buildings under construction used to be a challenge. Real estate ads are all about the imagery, and the only visuals available for unfinished architectural designs used to be drawings and sketches. Which couldn’t compete with photography and video, obviously. This way, already built houses and apartments had an edge over even most amazing projects. And how does one promote a property project when there is such a competition? Online listings and social media are full of beautiful videos taking the buyers around the estates, showing their advantages. Sure, photoreal 3D renderings can show an unfinished project, but they don’t have the same impact as videos. Meanwhile, prospects are missing on splendid offers. Is there a way to remedy the situation?

There certainly is — with 3D architectural animation. Impactful as a professional movie, and much easier to get, it offers new possibilities for real estate marketing. Let’s see how!

#1. 3D Architectural Animation Takes a Website to New Heights

People in search of a new house naturally visit lots of real estate websites. And if the Realtor’s site looks like tens of other similar ones, the prospects will not pay it much attention, perhaps even skip it altogether. To make viewers stay on the site longer, one needs something to wow the prospects and make them pay attention. And 3D architectural animation does exactly that.

First of all, videos have a lot of impact in terms of SEO promotion. According to Insivia, a website with video content is 53 times more likely to be shown on the top of Google search results. Also, as MarketingSherpa reports, video drives 300% more traffic to a webpage than any other type of content.

Moreover, videos and the architectural design animations by extension increase the amount of time people spend on the website — which does a lot of good to its SEO ranking too. In fact, people tend to spend twice more time on the pages with videos than on pages with text and pictures.

#2. 3D Animation Is an Asset for Social Media

Architectural design animation makes a high-impact material for making the most of social media power — which nowadays is vital. Facebook and Instagram are prime places for Realtors to look for clients. These platforms have extremely large audiences: 1.6 billion people use FB daily, and 50 million users can’t spend a day without scrolling through Insta feed.

Both platforms provide immense marketing opportunities. Using Facebook and Instagram, Realtors can both reach out to home sellers and buyers, and always stay top-of-mind. As well, the networks allow advertising properties designs only to potential clients, thus making the advertising campaign more fruitful and cost-effective.

Not to mention that Instagram is an excellent platform for luxury real estate marketing. According to Hootsuite, 60% of its users have a household income of 100 000 USD or more. Which means that chances for finding a buyer for an exclusive residential property are pretty high here.

To nail social media marketing, a Realtor needs eye-catching visual content — the kind that immediately strikes viewers and makes them click. And 3D architectural design animation does just that. Its visual impact ensures that the offer doesn’t go unnoticed, and engages buyers’ interest. Photoreal demonstration of the property in the environment will glue them to screen and sell before they actually contact the Realtor!

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#3. 3D Architectural Design Animation Makes for Catchy TV Commercials

Despite many predictions that Internet will eventually replace TV, television is still very much in the game. In fact, according to Nielsen, US adults aged 50-65 spend around 6 hours watching TV every day. Moreover, those aged 65 and more, tend to dedicate TV around 7 hours! Which makes TV commercials a go-to instrument for Realtors to promote the properties sold.

So why deprive of this opportunity the unfinished properties or those located far away? The reach the TV offers can make all the difference. So instead of settling for something less impactful, Realtors can opt for architectural design animation. Just like any other video listing, it will make a spectacular show. It’ll take the viewer on a tour around the dwelling, showcasing every room, along with with the property’s exterior design, territory and even neighborhood. And that with any special effects one can desire: voice-over, music, sounds, weather, seasons and light transitions.

#4. Architectural Animation Enhances Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must for a successful real estate business. It allows sharing more personalized content and thus building stronger customer relationships, as well as promoting specific offers that may be of interest to the audience. And to make the most of the latter option, a Realtor can use architectural design animations. First of all, as Epipheo reports, initial emails with video content make click-through rate grow by 96%! And then, the link to the cg animation will motivate prospects to go to the listing page on the Realtor’s website — which is designed to captivate and sell. This way, 3D architectural design animation will make for better email ROI and drive traffic to the site.

#5. High-end 3D Design Animation Stands Out on Selling Platforms

Listings with videos or architectural design animations get much more attention on selling platforms like Zillow than those without. In fact, according to Australian Real Estate Group, a house listing with a video receives 403% more inquiries than a regular one. Which is why it’s surprising that only 9% of Real estate agents include videos or 3D animations to property descriptions. Surprising — but also promising. For this means that a Realtor who adds an architectural animation or a virtual tour to their page on a selling platform will stand out among other agents and attract more potential buyers.

Architectural design animation elevates marketing campaigns for unfinished real estate and gives them new opportunities. Now it is possible to get a photoreal 3D movie showcasing the final result of a construction project and share it through all effective marketing channels, be it website, social media, TV, emails or selling platforms. What is more, the Realtor can choose the most beautiful stills from an architectural animation to use it on billboards, in press releases, brochures, and catalogs.

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