A Shot from Architectural 3D Animation

3D animation has become an indispensable tool for architects and real estate professionals. It enables them to present their vision to clients in an engaging and immersive way before the property is built. However, to make the most out of architectural animation, one needs to find the right contractor. Choosing the wrong 3D animation services for outsourcing can lead to delays, poor quality, or inflated costs. How to avoid that? By asking the right questions to a 3D animation studio before starting your cooperation. It is crucial when selecting the ideal contractor for creating your 3D video. So, what are the essential questions to ask a 3D animation studio before commissioning your project? Read on to find out!

#1. What Is Your Pricing Structure?

Payment for for Outsource Services

This is one of the primary questions to ask a 3D animation studio. Understanding their pricing structure is vital to find the best fit for your budget and requirements. 

Some 3D animation studios may charge hourly rates, while others have a per-second rate or offer package deals. By asking about the pricing structure, you can determine which option suits your needs and ensure that there are no hidden costs. Also, discussing payment terms and potential additional expenses will give you a clearer picture of the overall cost.

#2. How Will the Workflow Be Organized?

Working Process at a 3D Animation Firm

When preparing a list of questions to ask a 3D animation studio, do not forget the ones about the working process organization. An effective workflow is vital for successful collaboration with the 3D animation studio. 

Ask about their project management approach. Find out whether they assign a dedicated manager, provide access to a CRM system, and offer responsive client support. This will help you understand how the 3D animation studio works and whether their methods align with your expectations. Discussing milestones and the communication process will ensure that both parties are on the same page.

#3. What Is the Size of Your Team, and What Are Their Skills and Experience?

Big Team at Architectural 3D Animation Company

The size of a 3D animation studio’s team can significantly impact the quality and timeliness of your project. A larger team is generally better equipped to handle complex tasks and deliver on time. 

When asking this question, also inquire about the specialists’ expertise and the roles they play in the animation process. This will give you an idea of the 3D animation studio’s capabilities and whether they can effectively manage your task. Assessing the company’s experience will give you confidence in its ability to deliver high-quality work.

#4. Do You have a Render Farm or Access to Cloud Rendering?

Render Farm at a 3D Animation Company

This is another essential question to ask a 3D animation studio, and here is why. Creating a 3D video without delays requires powerful technical capacities. Both render farm and cloud rendering can help with that. 

A render farm is a high-performance computer cluster used to speed up the rendering of 3D animation. And cloud rendering is visualizing CGI using the computational power of servers in a cloud environment. It provides faster 3D visualization and enables the creation of more complex scenes. 

So, take time to ask whether the 3D animation studio has a render farm or access to cloud rendering. This way, you can ensure they have the necessary resources to deliver your 3D video on time.

#5. Do You Offer Guarantees, and What Kind of Revisions Policy Do You Have?

Signing an Agreement with a 3D Animation Company

Guarantees should be among the top questions to ask a 3D animation studio. It is essential to have specific guarantees in place when working with 3D animation contractors. That can include a timeliness guarantee and an NDA to protect your intellectual property. Discuss these guarantees with the 3D animation studio to ensure that they can provide a reliable service. 

Additionally, it’s important to clarify the revisions policy, as changes may be necessary during the project. This knowledge will help you manage your budget and expectations.

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Asking the right questions can help you choose a 3D animation studio that meets your needs.  Consider the pricing structure, workflow organization, team size and expertise, and rendering capabilities. Additionally, take into account the guarantees and revisions policy.  Don’t hesitate to ask additional questions if needed.

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