3D Animation of a Mediterranean Mansion

Specialists in the fields of architecture and real estate cannot do without high-quality CGI. It helps them to present and market their projects successfully. In most cases, static 3D renderings get the job done. But for most large-scale and high-end properties, CGI animation is better due to its exceptional impressiveness. There are 2 ways to get a CG video. The first is hiring in-house specialists, and the second is 3D animation outsourcing.

At first glance, it might seem that for the sake of convenience it’s better to hire in-house animators. But this decision is not optimal. Here are 5 reasons why it’s better to outsource CG animation production to a professional 3D visualization studio!

#1. Outsourcing provides a wide choice of experts for the job

In-house 3D artists might be highly competent, but making a 3D animation requires very specific skills. If a person is good at making static 3D renderings it doesn’t automatically qualify them for CG videos.

There’s also another disadvantage, namely a limited talent pool. Sure, it’s theoretically possible to hire real gems. But the odds are quite slim. In most cases, all high-echelon experts are already hired by the industry giants. 

However, the good news is that you can find companies that offer 3D animation services from real masters of their craft with years of expertise. Therefore, it’s much easier to pick a 3D animation outsourcing studio that specializes in projects you’re interested in than trying to hire a team of almighty gurus.

#2. There is no need to micromanage the animation creation process

Creating architectural 3D animation requires a lot of attention to detail. Every part of the process is important, and even slight tweaks to camera position or lighting can change the entire visual impact. As such, some architects believe that the best way to achieve the perfect result is by hiring in-house 3D artists and controlling every stage of making the animation. However, this is very energy- and time-consuming. On top of that, it’s completely unnecessary. Impeccable results can be achieved by outsourcing 3D animation, without being super controlling. How so?

First of all, professional CGI outsourcing companies have handy CRM systems. They are designed to provide regular progress reports and collect clients’ feedback on those. CRMs are used to communicate with the team working on the tasks, store project files, make payments, and so on. Such a system helps to address any questions quickly and conveniently. 

Of course, it is important to check CRM chats for updates regularly. But there’s no need to keep an eye out at all times. That is the job of a CGI studio’s project managers. They are in charge of the production process, interpret animation briefs and feedback, and check the quality of completed tasks. This way, PMs ensure CGI outsourcing provides you with a sense of security while saving your time.

#3. CG animation studios save your resources using render farms

A crucial component of making 3D animations is a render farm. It is a set of interconnected PCs explicitly used to produce high-quality 3D visualizations in the shortest possible time. Without a render farm, rendering an animation will take ages.

Any render farm requires a lot of expensive components such as high-end graphics cards. What’s more, running such a power-consuming facility results in hefty electricity bills. So, unless an architect often works with luxury projects that require CG videos, having a render farm is a net financial loss in the long term. Professional 3D animation contractors, on the other hand, need to use render farms all the time. So, they always have those facilities and update them regularly. Therefore, outsourcing CG video production to such companies is more than reasonable and can save up a lot of resources.

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#4. Outsourcing does not require paying for hardware, software, and staff training

Creating 3D animation requires powerful hardware. It includes high-end graphics cards, processors, and RAM. CGI software is quite expensive too. Licensed versions of 3D animation programs may cost as much as a PC, if not more. For instance, Autodesk Maya, one of the most popular CG video creation software, costs $1,785 for a 1-year license. On top of that, hired 3D artists would likely need to receive additional training, further increasing the expenses. All of this combined results in a massive budget for something that is not used often. 

If the company does not need CG videos often, this kind of spending can detriment the budget. In the case of small and medium-sized architecture and real estate businesses outsourcing is simply a cheaper option. CGI studios have all the necessary hardware and software, which is always up to date. By outsourcing CG videos architects and real estate professionals only have to pay for the product, not for the whole production chain.

#5. Outsourcing 3D animation is hands-off and guarantees perfect results nonetheless

Wanting ideal results can make anyone anxious about outsourcing. It’s understandable, leaving crucial projects to strangers whose expertise is unknown can be seen as a gamble. This leads some to consider hiring in-house professionals instead. After all, those are the people that one mingles with regularly and knows their skill level. But this view is not quite correct.

All professional 3D animation outsourcing studios have vast portfolios of previous works. By browsing them, potential clients can decide whether or not the company is experienced enough for their tasks. If a studio has worked with prominent architects or real estate agencies in the past, it will proudly demonstrate it. Modern 3D animation contractors have strict standards to make working with them convenient for clients. It is mandatory to minimize customers’ involvement while ensuring the results that they expect. So, by commissioning professional CGI studios, architects and real estate specialists free up time to work on other projects or just take a break and unwind. 

3D animation outsourcing is supplanting hiring in-house 3D artists for several good reasons. First, finding a team of full-time CGI gurus is a lot harder than finding a studio with professionals for the job. Secondly, in-house CG video production is a costly process, requiring both expensive hardware and software, while outsourcing is budget-friendly. The latter option also allows for monitoring progress effortlessly thanks to dedicated project managers and handy CRM systems. Overall, outsourcing is simply more convenient and hands-off. And if you work with a seasoned 3D visualization studio, you’re guaranteed to get stunning results.

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Catherine Paul
Content Writer, Editor

Catherine is a content writer and editor. In her articles, she explains how CGI is transforming the world of architecture and design. Outside of office, she enjoys yoga, travelling, and watching horrors.