3D Walkthrough Of a Hotel With a Tennis Court

3D architectural demonstration helps Realtors and Developers present a real estate property in a way that touches viewers’ emotions. No other marketing material can compete with 3D animated videos in this regard. Drawings are surely useful for explaining technical details and functions, but they can’t make buyers connect with the project and it’s the emotion that actually sells. That is why 3D architectural animation is quintessential when it comes to pre-selling and presenting a house or apartment. How exactly? Let’s find out.

#1. 3D Animation Shows the Benefits of a Property

3D architectural demonstration can highlight every beneficial detail of the project. It is able to picture the advantages of both exterior and interior of the building in photorealistic quality. For instance, the viewers will see a wooden cottage by the lake, surrounded by pines and bathed in sunshine. Looking at this cozy place, one instantly understands that the future dwellers will be living close to nature, enjoying the fresh air, sunbathing and swimming as much as they want.

Then, when the camera “flies” inside the house, the potential buyer sees all the interior benefits. He will be able to take a closer look at the layout, design of each room, lighting, zoning, and smart storage solutions — everything that the Designer has developed for the comfortable living.

#2. 3D Architectural Demonstration Conveys Atmosphere

A potential buyer must know technical details about the architectural project. However, features aren’t enough to decide if one wants to live in the house. The viewer needs to grasp the feel of the future dwelling, understand its atmosphere and mood. 

3D demonstrations include lots of elements that help to precisely depict the atmosphere of the property and its surroundings. These can be weather effects fog, rainbow, clouds, wind waving the grass and leaves, raindrops and snowflakes. Also, these can be animals or birds like a cat sleeping on a bench, a dog guarding the house, or a flock of martlets flying in the sky. And, of course, these can be people — a woman walking with her kids, friends drinking coffee on the terrace, or teens riding bicycles in the street. These small details breath life into the video, turning an abstract project into an inviting home.

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#3. 3D Demonstration Displays All Seasons

Real estate animation can reflect the specific charm of local nature and climate in photorealistic quality. So if the property is to be built in Florida, 3D architectural demonstration can picture a dwelling in a hot cloudless day, with palms around. And if the construction will take place in Norway, the video can show the house on a chilly winter evening, surrounded by spruce forest. In fact, the same video can even include several types of weather. In such a way, the viewers will easily imagine what this property will look like all year round.

#4. 3D Architectural Demonstration Includes Music

Music is the universal language everyone understands. That is why movie-makers use soundtracks for creating a special atmosphere in the important moments of the films. Similarly, 3D Artists add music to 3D animations to highlight the idea and mood of the video. For instance, if a 3D architectural demonstration about a seaside cottage is accompanied by a light beautiful melody, it will emphasize the mood of relaxation about the dwelling. This will help a potential buyer to feel how cozy and comfortable it would be to live there.

#5. Effect of Animated 3D Video Lasts After Presentation

In most cases, potential buyers do not make the final decision during the presentation but take time to think. With 3D animation, the prospects won’t have to dig up their memories to do that. Instead, they will have a detailed and realistic video about the future house at hand. Watching it again and again, the viewers will repeatedly visualize all the advantages of the dwelling, falling love with the dream more and more. 

Photoreal 3D architectural demonstration is ultra-effective because it makes viewers not only think but also feel. Animated 3D visualization engages the emotions of the viewers by showing benefits of the house, conveying its atmosphere and depicting the beauty of local landscapes. What is more, the background music in 3D animations emphasizes the cozy mood of the dwelling. And to recall all these pleasant impressions about the future house, the viewers can always save and re-watch the video. 

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    The last point is a very good one. The client can not be the single decision-maker. So it’s important to make sure that everyone else involved in the decision process has enough information and sees the story.


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