Video Marketing For A Modern Residence Project

Video marketing for architects is not a new concept, but is quite underused and underappreciated by many. In fact, most people think of using videos to sell a property that is already built. However, in current architecture market it is vital to sell real estate before it is finished. There is absolutely no way traditional videos can accomplish that!

In this case, architects can use modern technology, specifically, 3D real estate animation. Aside from being the only way to visualize buildings that don’t exist yet in motion, it is more than just a replacement of traditional videos for marketing. CGI videos have several advantages over their real counterparts: potential interactivity, more space for creativity, use of cinematography techniques, to name a few. But how to build an effective marketing campaign with 3D animation? Join us as we explore CGI video marketing for architects, and how to base your campaigns on it.

#1. Add Videos To Architectural Portfolios

Having expansive video portfolios is a great way for architects to tell clients what they are capable of without words. But again, live-action videos just don’t have the same effect they had a few years ago. This is where 3D video marketing for architects comes in. CG videos are not just about showcasing buildings, but also accentuating their selling points and creating a unique and fitting atmosphere. This way an architect will be able to present projects with both static shots and in motion, to double the “wow-factor”.

#2. Impress Potential Customers Via Social Media

In order to stay relevant all architectural business have at least some degree of social media presence. And social media need hot content like air. What kind of content? Videos, and lots of them. However, real videos just don’t cut it anymore. Sure, there’s a house, a viewer thinks and scrolls further. How an architecture animation video can change a mediocre post into a stellar one? Simple, actually. One popular tactic is to place the building in an exotic location, it can definitely attract attention. Another way to use 3D animation to enhance video marketing for architects is to add virtual people, which is quite convincing if done competently. These are the most widespread tactics, but we encourage architects to be creative – 3D modelling and rendering tools open lots of possibilities for that.

Finally, a high-quality 3D animation can look just as good as a professional video. The difference is in price and the sheer amount of content that can be produced. For the price of one professional video several CGI ones can be made, and in much shorter time. Filming live-action can take weeks, or even months, depending on the length and complexity. In comparison, a short CG video ad can be made in a week by a team of animation specialists, longer ones may take more, but no more than a month. This will allow architects to maintain a constant stream of content for social media.

#3. Use Video Marketing Before A Project Is Finished

Even though 3D animation was used for quite a while, but the main video marketing tool for most companies was live-action. However, nowadays an architectural project must be sold before construction starts, and there is no way to do that with real videos. As such, the only solution for video marketing for architects is to use CGI. Since it is made in a digital workspace, it can be made even with little data: blueprints, a script, personal preferences. As a result, it’s entirely possible to start marketing campaigns when a project has just got investors.

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#4. Stock Up On Reusable Marketing Materials

Another advantage of 3D animation for architects is the ability to stock up on promotional materials. While a building itself is a unique asset, its “contents” can be reused for future projects. 3D modeling and rendering companies have vast libraries of pre-made objects, including decor, paraphernalia and even people models. Not only that, but the same scene can be modified to be set in different locations, time of day, and even exude different feelings from viewers with clever lighting and POWs. With relatively low workload 3D animators can provide architects with essentially the same, but slightly altered marketing materials to be used again in the future. 

#5. Use Videos For Project Presentations

3D video marketing for architects is a game changer when it comes to presenting one’s designs. It’s an obvious step up from static CGI given that 3D animation opens up endless possibilities in terms of cinematography and interactivity. Picture this: a group of clients or investors is first taken on a virtual tour through a future building, after which they are free to “explore” the environment on their own with VR gear. And it’s all done before even the foundation for a building is laid!

#6. Cut Expenses Without Sacrificing Quality Of Videos

Video marketing for architects requires not only great tools and ability to use them to full extent, but also minimizing expenses without any detriments. We’ve mentioned price difference between live-action videos and CGI, but now it’s worth mentioning how exactly an architectural business can help to cut costs. First off, architectural animation companies give 24/7 feedback, which, combined with digital workspace, can prevent loss of time and effort by avoiding potential mistakes. 

In comparison, it’s much more difficult to implement changes on the go in live-action videos – it’s easier to reshoot them from scratch, but that would increase spending. Secondly, animation project managers can review the script and personal preferences of the future CG video and point out unnecessary elements that would increase the price without a huge impact overall. And as a cherry on top, both of the facts mentioned above would not only prevent increase of marketing budget, but do it in a way that doesn’t impact the desired quality of the videos.

#7. Make 3D Animations An Integral Part Of Marketing Campaigns

Despite all the steps to make the most out of CGI for marketing campaigns, real videos should not be discarded entirely, yet. They still can sell real estate that is already built with the same efficiency as 3D animation. The feeling of authenticity and relatability live-action creates is still unmatched even by the best CGI. However, modern trends push for increased use of 3D videos for marketing, and every year more and more architects adopt 3D at least as their main source of promotional materials. It’s very likely that in the near future competition would be between architects that use only 3D visuals, pitching projects to investors and potential customers as soon as the blueprints are done. Therefore, the reasonable thing to do is to adopt CG videos for advertising now, or risk becoming “mammoths” of marketing.

Video marketing for architects has lots of advantages, not limited by these 7, but even this much should suffice in outclassing your rivals and establishing yourself in the architectural market. Although architectural animation cost is higher than static CGI, it will return the costs within a short time, especially if you use videos sparingly. So, what’s holding you back? Sell your projects with gorgeous 3D architectural videos using our CGI animation services!

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