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Developing strong marketing ideas is an essential part of a real estate agent’s workflow. And for a good reason. According to ARELLO, there are approximately 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States only. This means that there is one realtor for every 122 grown-up Americans! Given such tough competition in the industry, it is crucial for real estate professionals to promote themselves effectively and stand out from thousands of other experts. Otherwise, they will just lose this battle to the competitors that manage to use marketing techniques wisely. 

So, how can realtors build an effective promo campaign for their services? There are a plethora of options. They include the usage of real estate video marketing and many more. We picked 6 best recommendations and described them in the article below. Join us to learn the most useful marketing ideas for real estate agents that can take a realtor’s business to a new level!

#1. Using social media marketing to the fullest

Person Searching for Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers start searching for a new home online. And the vast majority of them are active social media users. That is exactly why professionals in the real estate industry need to continually maintain and strengthen their presence on SM platforms. So, which of the latter to choose? Top realtors prefer to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for business. These platforms are the best to implement marketing ideas for real estate experts. Each of them has its specific benefits. 

For instance, LinkedIn is very helpful to keep in touch with other real estate experts and remain abreast of current news and developments in the field. It can also be used by a professional to build a reputation of an influencer in the industry. Facebook, in its turn, opens wide opportunities by allowing to target specific audiences according to their demographics. Instagram is a paradise for those real estate professionals who sell luxury properties. That is because the audience of this platform has a higher income than those who prefer other social media. One more advantage of Insta is that it allows users to easily find a listing if it is posted with the right hashtags. Also, thanks to the Stories feature, real estate pros can post daily updates about properties there, which can also be cross-posted to Facebook. On top of that, ads on Instagram look like a natural part of a user’s newsfeed, so the prospects do not feel pushed into a purchase.

#2. Organizing online events

Realtor Running an Online Event

Though the world may have slowed down due to the recent events, real estate experts continue to work hard. In the current situation, they need to find ways of maintaining interest in both potential clients and existing ones to ensure that their business stays afloat. Since meeting in person is currently not an option, realtors need to come up with new ways to reach out to their audience. In this case, one of the best marketing ideas for real estate is organizing online events. 

A great way to do it is to host regular webinars. These sessions can be used to address any concerns and queries that potential home buyers or sellers may have. It is a wise move to make webinars not promotional but educational. For instance, a real estate professional can give useful tips for those who are going to buy a house for the first time, advice on how to add value to a home on sale, and so on. These virtual meetings can be very helpful to build trust with prospects. One more good thing about webinars is that they can be recorded and shared on an agent’s Youtube channel or website. This way, those who missed an online event will be able to watch it whenever they want afterward.

#3. Using video marketing and 3D animation

The use of video is definitely one of the best marketing ideas for real estate experts. A listing with a video receives a whopping 403% more inquiries as compared to one without it. Furthermore, the same source indicates that 86% of potential real estate buyers watch videos to research the community in the area their future home is located.

So, filming a property and its surroundings and sharing these materials with prospects is a must. But what to do if a real estate expert has to pre-sell a house that is currently under construction? In such a case, one of the best ideas is contacting a CGI company. Based on drawings and sketches of the house, skilled 3D artists can create photorealistic real estate animation that will show the future outcome of the construction in full splendor. It can then be used to market the property through the company’s website and social media, and even through offline means like city screens and TV ads.

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#4. Collaborating with influencers

Realtor Using Online Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers has recently become one of the most innovative and at the same time effective marketing ideas for real estate agents. Most of the marketers say that ROI of this method is better as compared to others. That is because influencer marketing is actually a new modification of the famous ‘word-to-mouth’ approach. And the latter has always been the most efficient marketing technique. 

Realtors should choose an influencer whose followers are in their target audience. It is also important for real estate professionals to work with influencers who have an understanding of the locality in which the offered properties are situated. Another useful tip is to collaborate with so-called micro-influencers. They have smaller audiences as compared to social media celebrities but their followers have more defined interests and preferences. This helps greatly in targeting. Also, the cost of hiring micro-influencers fits into a limited marketing budget.

#5. Investing in innovative technologies

Realtor Using Latest Technologies to His Advantage

The list of the best marketing ideas for real estate agents would be incomplete without mentioning technological innovations. So, what features should a real estate add to listings to make it stand out? 

First of all, it is recommended to take benefit of 360 tours. This type of content is different from imagery and videos because it allows the audience to get a life-like, immersive experience. Also, virtual tours engage viewers with interactivity. When ‘taking’ such a tour, a person can use a mouse or a touchpad to choose a direction to go and to zoom in and out particular areas and details of a property. This way, the viewers get a full understanding of real estate, just as if they visited it. It is possible to have a 360 tour made with the help of videography or 3D visualization. The last option is especially beneficial for promoting properties that are currently unfinished. With the help of sketches and drawings of a house, 3D artists can create a realistic 3D virtual tour that will show how a home will look in the future. 

Implementing augmented reality technology is also one of the great marketing ideas for real estate business. So, how does AR work? It allows projecting a scaled or full-size realistic 3D model of a building onto an existing environment with the help of a smartphone or a tablet. Such an opportunity truly wows and engages prospects, as they can see the future house here and now, right in the front of their eyes. Real estate experts can use AR for marketing in print brochures, on billboards, and in smartphone apps.

#6. Monitoring competitors

Realtor Monitoring Competition

While a realtor needs to have good relations with other professionals in the industry, they have to remember that they will always compete with each other. So, to stand out and come up with useful marketing ideas for real estate pros, the latter have to know what other experts are doing in their business. 

It will help realtors to always keep up with the competition. They will be able to pick up ideas from their colleagues and learn some new unusual approaches to win clients. Keeping an eye on the progress and activity of competitors also allows real estate agents to avoid pitfalls that have been made by other professionals. 

When developing marketing ideas, real estate agents should follow 6 golden tips. It is reasonable to make use of SMM, organize educational webinars, and harness the power of video and 3D animation. Also, it is needed to keep a close eye on competitors, collaborate with influencers, and take benefit of new technologies.

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